Photoshop Tutorial | ‘Water Head’ Manipulation

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THIS TUTORIAL !!!! i mean seriously this was a nightmare to record and edit this video. Original effect is not that difficult but for some reason i kept making mistakes during recording of this.

i had to record this 3 times and then almost entire day in editing, and if that wasn’t enough, my editing software crashed, so overall it was not very fun experience but i am kind of happy with the final out put of his photo effect.

It is very simple if you know basics of photoshop and can take some time if you are beginner, so overall not very tough to follow.

We will do stranded things like creating background, cutting out subject and adjustment layers.

But on the fun side we can put a cute dolphin in water, which is coming out of someones head, how flipping awesome is that, plus we will add boat to make effect even cooler, i will show a trick to replace head with water and lots of really fun stuff.

so i hope you like it and if you have any questions of suggestions, ask me in comments below, till then, good bye take care and have some fun with photoshop.


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26 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial | ‘Water Head’ Manipulation”

  1. Michael Maher Avatar

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I was able to use my brothers head rather than your stock photo, so the final touch ups were no good to me but the actual learning process was superb

  2. Kingzsport Avatar

    where is place on photoshop cc ?

  3. The Brown Nomad Avatar

    Loved it! Indians are fucking smart!

  4. MR.Gamer - مستر جيمر Avatar

    من الاخر كدا وعلي ورقه بيضه عشان مفيش ورق الوان لاني مثلا لو في ورق لونه احمر كنت هقول من الاخر كدا وعلي ورقه حمرا ولو في ورقه خضرا كنت هقول من الاخر كدا وعلي ورقه خضرا بس للاسف الشركت بتعت الورق معملتش ورق الوان عملت الون الابيض بس ودي حاجه وحشه طبعا يعني هنفترض لاني في ناس مبحتحبش الون الأبيض ويعني مش هيعرف يقول من الاخر كدا وعلي ورقه بيضا لئنو اصلا مبيحبش الون الابيض ونا بتقدم بقرار لوزاره التربيه والاوراق انها تعمل اوراق الوان عشان نعرف ناخد راحتنا بحيس اقدر اتكلم وقلك من الاخر كدا وعلي ورق اللوان وبرضه بتوجه بخالص الشكر للدكتور عبد الفتاح مرسي مبرك الي قدم طلب من وزاره الصحه انها تعمل ورق اللوان وبقدا اقدر اقولك من الاخر وعلي ورق اللوان فا انا حاليا بوجه اعتزاري ليك لاني مقدرتش اقولك من الاخر وعلي ورق اللوان فا لما وزاره الاثار تعمل ورق اللوان هبقا اقولك علي الحكايه الي كنت عاوز اقولك عليها ونا ببدا كلامي ب من الاخر كدا وعلي ورق اللوان والسلام عليكم ورحمه الله

  5. Pankaj Pahwa Avatar

    searc on insta vinod knozia …..editing was veryy diffrent and very creative ..plz u see her editng on insta… and make new video

  6. Pankaj Pahwa Avatar

    very nyc high pass ….. tncuoo bro

  7. Tima Dee Avatar

    You are great, thanks!!!

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  9. Brices Mice Avatar

    Love your videos…easy to follow and super creative!  Thanks, Linda B

  10. smexypierawr Avatar

    Love it!!!!! You've taught many new things.

  11. Mohammad Danish Avatar

    sir you could easily use sea image to turn man into ocean then you could have made a great pic 🙂

  12. aGoofyGamer Avatar

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I did this on a photo of myself and, of course, I love it!

  13. J.R. Avatar

    awesome video .. good job!!!

  14. Som 13798 Avatar

    i tired it …it came out good…thank you soo much..!!! love ur tutorials

  15. koon51 Avatar

    Great tutorials……..Thanks a lot

  16. Alois Lemberger Avatar

    very awesome,thank you!

  17. Otari Kandelaki Avatar

    hello thanks for tutorial but i have one problem when i make photos smaller their quality becomes to low it dont happen in video so can some one help me or did you have same problem ?

  18. lokesh raj Avatar

    Bro your amazing man, and one request I want photoshop tutorial like man have horns like THE movie horns plz bro

  19. Ray Almgren Avatar

    Enjoyed doing this but did struggle as I am on photoshop cc. Had to miss out certain actions like the orange filter round the sun. If anyone had the same trouble can they tell me how to overcome this.  Keep up the good work, am going to try the inside face next.

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