Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners (Part 1)

Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners Part 1. Beginner Tutorials for Getting Started With Photoshop. Beginners’ Guide to Adobe Photoshop



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42 responses to “Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners (Part 1)”

  1. PhotoshopBus Avatar

    Stop bloody complaining about how loud music is!! use your bloody volume button.. If you cant even use that how hell you got brains to work photoshop!

  2. Creek Avatar

    The stupid song is killing my attention span!!

  3. noor khan Avatar

    your videos is the one of best

  4. noor khan Avatar

    hi DEAR I download your videos (part-1 to part-8) (A-1 to A-4) (B-1 to B-2)   how many videos you have more

  5. ITOE MUKETE Avatar


  6. T.O.P Channel Avatar

    Good video bro….I want to know how you put the red line on your video when you refer to something and what program do you use to edit your video

  7. Kath Ryan Avatar

    I still have no idea what to do

  8. Me Smith Avatar

    I don't find this helpful. I prefer to have someone explain that this awful music.

  9. Confessb4 Avatar

    right now I have the sc3 I want to learn how to do or create magazine in Photoshop do you have a tutorial on that and please take the loud annoying distracting music away please

  10. primbuyi primbuyi we tank God Avatar

    that was incredible,I like it's start from step one ,special if not much in computer knowledge best really

  11. Vanessa Luis Avatar

    i got so mad BC u wouldn't show me how to get rid of it and AGHHHH

  12. Darshan Kolambe Avatar

    you are the best editor….keep it up and good luck for more subscribers

  13. GAMER M Avatar

    gamo tin mana sou

  14. Luis J. Rosa Avatar


  15. Debashis Das Avatar

    I have 3D option is there except Filter?

  16. Petit Dream Avatar

    What's the name of the song at the beginning`?

  17. Darrin Hommel Avatar

    I just started using this program and dont have the panel that runs on the left side.. tools panel… How to show it? Thx

  18. Jennifer Staggs Avatar

    What the fuck. Are you def? Music is unbearable

  19. Emeterio Rivas Avatar

    That was awesome!!!

  20. Bob Masiello Avatar

    All I hear is music.

  21. Black Stallion Productions Avatar

    As a newbie to Ps.. I'm amazed to see how many of these beginner tutorials miss perhaps the most important thing a newbie needs to know how to do… History, step back and forward!

  22. Robert Sparks Avatar

    Excellent tutorial! Concise, knowledgeable and the most important teaching technique of going through the steps systematically and repeatedly to ensure comprehension. Adobe should pay you. Thank you!

  23. Nathaniel Leyba Avatar

    this reminds of me of that time i ate tuna

  24. shivendu suman Avatar

    bro can u edit my pic

  25. Mark jason Baldago Avatar

    what kind of adobe is this? mine is cs3

  26. Theresa Muniz Avatar

    I am in graphic design for school and have a drawing tablet that goes into the computer. Will photoshop be a good program to use it on?

  27. #All HaShTaG Avatar

    You deserve pay rise from you tube. clean job.

  28. Thăng Trần Avatar

    A very detail and helpful a lot! Thanks . (^_^)

  29. Detectingthe North Avatar

    I can't find your screen on my free Photoshop Express. Are you using the same thing?

  30. bqdstore Avatar

    Every single time I play YOUTUBE I get that STUPID WIX.COM add about starting websites???. This is terror advertising !….and I WILL NEVER USE WIX.COM EVER EVER….YOUTUBE STOP PLAYING WIX.COM SHIT………………….

  31. Vic Krue Avatar

    The first thing you should have done was to instruct the viewer how to set up their own desktop to be identical to yours.
    Without doing so, the viewer is left trying to figure out WHY their screen doesn't look like yours.
    Sorry kid, you might be real good with photoshop, but this video isn't that great.

  32. Ana Gavrić Avatar

    I have spent months researching photoshop lessons and found a great resource at Trevs Photo Blueprint (check it out on google)


    thanks you are the best

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