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Previously I covered the vast majority of both PHP and MySQL in 2 videos. This time I decided to bridge the gap and show how to simply grab data from and edit data in a MySQL database using PHP.

We specifically cover creating users with limited access for security reasons, setting up secure database connections, pulling data from a database, adding data to the database and prepared statements.






31 responses to “PHP MySQL Tutorial”

  1. Bryant MW Avatar

    who freaking slow down the video? hahaha

  2. Deepjyoti Baishya Avatar sir, please check this file . And I am trying to upload a image file but is not working . But login is working . Please solved .sir .

  3. James G Avatar

    Very nice job, sir

  4. swolyjr Avatar

    your sub count….

  5. Paul Blackburn Avatar

    I've only skimmed this for the moment but I believe this will be really helpful for what I need when I get round to watching it properly 🙂

  6. Ervin Vedel Avatar

    Hey nice video man so in order to style the information that i show through php i have to do it through the php file itself since php and css files dont interact with each other because css is for html am i right or are there others ways? Can someone please tell me?

  7. Daniel K Avatar

    Awesome videos !!!! Keep them coming ! 🙂

  8. Surya Gaming Avatar

    is this in wamp or xampp server?

  9. Lasers, HV, and more Avatar

    Derek, thank you for your excellent tutorials.
    I need an online database – in other words, a
    database that 'lives' on my website server (instead of my local computer) so that other
    people can log in to view, submit, or remove data. Is there a
    way to accomplish this?


  10. Federico Pettinicchio Avatar

    Have you ever considered talking slower? not by much, a pause here and there, just enough so that it doesn't feel like you are trying to make time but to get the point across.

  11. Saurabh Swarnakar Avatar

    Thank you so much!! Derek your videos are so helpful, you made the boring books contents into some interactive videos which makes me learn languages in no time.
    Stay blessed and keep up the good work…

  12. Ananda Wisely Avatar

    You are awesome, Derek Banas. 🙂

  13. winking962 Avatar

    very helpful ,thx man!

  14. Nric Posada Avatar

    Thank You! Derek! real life saver!

  15. Aran Taylor Avatar

    When I try to open the "getstudentinfo.php" file through localhost, I keep getting the 404 error.. PLEASE HELP! D:

  16. El Mehdi DOUAZOU Avatar

    Been on youtube for years, and never felt the need to comment anything..
    Just to say how much i'm thankful to you and your work.
    I love the way you make every coding language basics seem so simple.
    Great job and thank you again !

  17. leonardo Saravia Avatar

    Man… thanks… for real haha, can't bealive how fast I've learn PHP and Mysql haha, great tutorials for ppl looking to migrate to another lenguaje. keep it up!

  18. Huo Liquidh Avatar

    Hi Derek, any idea how to link database info to 3rd party websites that are not controlled by you? Such that the various fields (e.g. name, age, sex, etc) are automatically filled in at the click of a button (or two). Something like what Fillr does.

  19. SamProof Avatar

    How would I add some code to check if a record already exists in the table before entering it? I'm adding usernames and don't want duplicates, I've added it as a 'unique' which prevents new duplicate entries from being created. But I get an error message and just want something cleaner.

  20. ABHINAV RANA Avatar

    I love your style and the fluency is topnotch.

  21. Logos Creator Avatar

    Hey Derek…Thanks a lot for a great overview.

  22. ImreKutňas Avatar

    Nice man! Thanks a lot!

  23. Nelson Beimfohr Avatar

    Awesome Tutorial. Giving you credit for a school project!

  24. Gregory Floirendo Avatar

    nice tutorial, but can you please create another one for an updated version? thanks!

  25. Jeremy Sur Avatar

    Does anyone know how to adjust the getstudentinfo.php to only show the last information in the array?

  26. Levi Gonzales Avatar

    I love the videos for quick emerson into a topic that I'm looking to get into. They're also short enough to get a quick refresher on something.

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