PHP Tutorial – 1 – Installing PHP

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24 responses to “PHP Tutorial – 1 – Installing PHP”

  1. Shady Doorags Avatar

    "This is my php page that you guys are too dumb to make right now."

    Ha ha! Joke's on you! I can read!

  2. MJ Sanchez Avatar

    Buckey seems angry today.
    I guess everyone has his bad days.

  3. Chico Avatar

    I watched many of buckys tutorial and this one's the best. he make me laughed so hard in the first 2 minutes XD

  4. Chico Avatar

    Hahahahahahhaha Lol its fucking hilarious XD

  5. savageplayz Avatar

    R.i.p Something is wrong with the XAMPP installation 🙁

  6. Hollywood Mpressive Avatar

    lol he's mad in this tutorial lol

  7. Sponzor Avatar

    omg bucky your very rude

  8. Malick Cisse Avatar

    You can tell this is a younger Bucky. I actually really enjoy this tutorial. It is still better than any of the other tutorials I have watched on Youtube. Or am I just biased?

  9. Neanderthal In A Cave While You Wuz Kangz n Sheit Avatar

    If you use Wampserver then you use the www folder.

  10. nekrataal7 Avatar

    Too many sensitive people these days. As long as the info is helpful and accurate, I don't care if Bucky sounds like a condescending douchebag. In fact, this kind of delivery is more funny and engaging that dry-sounding speech. Besides, it's true that I'm an "idiot" at this point (wrt PHP and programming in general) and hope to become less of an "idiot" as I watch more of these videos (being humble is key). The last thing we need more of these days is political correctness!

  11. Uness Ibn abbou Avatar

    please someone help me i can't find the "tester page" in the"htdocs" file !!

  12. Satyam Raj Avatar

    What'd you take bro?

  13. MatoMan Avatar

    Is this still legit and usefull?

  14. Brutus Carnero Avatar

    i find this video both funny and helpful. Those who get seriously offended are just a bunch of pussies than don't understand humor.

  15. Cohen Davis Avatar

    bit of an asshole aint cha buddy. Got it on the first try and thanks for the advice ohh great yoda!!!

  16. Dan Avatar

    Did you guys read the javascript in his test.html lol? 2:29

  17. cozytozy Avatar

    What a demeaning and demotivating tutorial. You should take this video down. Glad your newer tutorials are both helpful AND kind.

  18. Joseph Corleto Avatar

    Those are forward slashes not back slashes…..

  19. Vignesh A S Avatar

    Never knew Bucky was such a horrendous douche-bag in the past. If only I didn't know that he changed later, I would have probably reported his channel, irrespective of how helpful his tutorials were. Glad that he learnt some courtesy over the years

  20. steven tyson Avatar

    great tutorial,…i know i'm mos'def a bloodclot idiot

  21. Crom Aboo Avatar

    Thanks Bucky for years of innumerable fab tutorials… Feic the begrudgers 😉 You've helped so many…

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