PHP Tutorial – 2 – Basic Output and Variables

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44 responses to “PHP Tutorial – 2 – Basic Output and Variables”

  1. The_Tech_GeeK _Tv Avatar

    first i was conufsed that is he bucky?!!!! actually i started wathcing his videos recently

  2. Vignesh A S Avatar

    To old-Bucky:- "You don't learn about variables in Biology class, you self-obsessed prick!"
    To current-Bucky:- "Sorry bro, I know you would have the reacted the same way to your former-self, considering the douche he is"

  3. Jack man Avatar

    i love bucky in these tutorials he is so hilarious

  4. Tommy Hopps Avatar

    what the fuck was his problem back then xddd my god..

  5. Jay McpeZ Avatar

    bucky sounds so diferent here

  6. Wolf Pup Avatar

    I'm rofl-ing so bad watching this tutorial that I can't even concentrate on watching the tutorial. Bucky's in her teenage swing moods in the 2008, so I don't mind it. But it's really funny listening to him insulting the viewers. lol.

  7. MoonBlade Avatar

    The echo turns out blank

  8. greg shubert Avatar

    sounds like a little Budweiser in the last tut.. Maybe this one too.

    Go to the islands, mountains, Reno, something. Get laid and some R&R

  9. ksaver frikov Avatar

    easy hoss! 😀 😀

  10. John Cena Avatar

    i meant men o pause

  11. John Cena Avatar

    got pms on your last tutorial??lol

  12. aldrein dze guzmaine Avatar

    can you do echo $sometext + $somenumber?

  13. HikikomoriGamer Avatar

    This reminded me of the high school days. That`s how it was lol, that was the environment and how people behaved to you (The speech pattern, in example). I am actually liking this edition of bucky lol, straight forward. I think he is a great man however!

  14. R-Kedgaming Avatar

    hey bucky mine just prints the whole the code not the one written inside the quotes
    like my output will be like this


    echo "this is php";


  15. 00shrimp Avatar

    LMFO!! bucky your so cool!

  16. Reck Nation Avatar

    Dude lol you were angry at the world back in the day haha!

  17. Traking Lokos Avatar

    he is not bucky is the founder of who made the video! dhuu before you offend you need to watch other videos dumbass say ass to the founder of not to Bucky

  18. Kieran Black Avatar

    This guy is hilarious

  19. ronfastway Avatar

    This guy is effing hilarious! Thanks man, I was having a really suck ass day and now I'm in tears from laughing so much. You Rock!!!

  20. jonavuka Avatar

    u can use quotes for numbers I just tried it, i think that its treated differently though. When u don't put quotes the interpreter treats it like an integer but if u do put quotes its treated as a string, i think im not to sure though

  21. Hassan El Mghari Avatar

    Awesome and funny vid!!!

  22. Alex Couch Avatar

    no he wasnt, he was a complete fucking douchebag!! But yeah, he is an awesome guy now!! 😀

  23. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    I guess this was before he dropped out of college…..

  24. Kelly Gold Avatar

    i noticed that too

  25. Steven Stowik Avatar

    echo "Bucky is a ass."

  26. James P Avatar

    your mean mr. newboston

  27. Dharma227 Avatar

    I think the insults dumb people are a good thing. Its funny and keeps my attention, so I approve

  28. Utkarsh Patel Avatar

    you missed semicolon in "echo $sometext"

  29. runescapeswordshow Avatar

    yo old bucky you dam idiot stop calling me an idiot you dam idiot

  30. ChrisPTY507 Avatar

    Wow what a dick…xD

    obviously you were a begginer like most of those "idiots",so theres no reason for you to sound as if you know it all….

  31. Peristilo peris Avatar

    Guys, relax about the "dumb thing". The man is drunk or something, LOL.

  32. Snow Avatar

    Hah. He's just a bit more awkward in these older videos. I am coming from his xhtml tutorials… and he is much more comfortable. I don't think he's meaning to be a dick here.

    Either way, he has all the right to be a dick and get away with it. Been incredibly helpful, and I've only used like 2% of what he's offered the world for free so far.

    Thanks Bucky!!!

  33. Education4Life Avatar

    Lol Bucky used to be an epic arsehole lmao

  34. Michael Curry Avatar

    I never said anything about having "hand cancer". I just said that there was a search with that in it. Sheesh.

  35. macuser1232 Avatar

    … you there is no such thing as hand cancer… You can get skin cancer ON the hand though.

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