PHP Tutorial – 39 – Setters and Getters

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21 responses to “PHP Tutorial – 39 – Setters and Getters”

  1. Bill Wagner Avatar

    Dude, you are hilarious. Very good vids man. Thanks for doing them. 🙂

  2. Ronando Long Avatar

    I love your videos. Totally clarifying stuff that wasn't really clear before.

  3. Brian Mateo Avatar

    yea yeah, you're not making it up. we know.

  4. Ask A Transsexual Avatar

    You know there are no "male" cows. That would be a bull. ;D

  5. William Huntoon Avatar

    "We need to tighten this up a bit…thats what she said " lol

  6. TheStuartWallace Avatar

    :3 Dan the sexchange cow

  7. Ejaz Karim Avatar

    @1wilco12 his gf…lol

  8. Raj Chudasama Avatar

    Hi there, how would yu pass 2 parameters and retrieve them.


  9. shownow fadz Avatar

    i have one question… can i put a php in blog???

  10. Konu Irie Avatar

    wow what a beautiful cow's name.. its like hey sarah give me some milk XD

  11. TheHiwaypilot Avatar

    Nice casual tutorials. Thanks. (ps, I don't see anything wrong with your typing. You type just like me. lol)

  12. MyOwnSongsAndCovers Avatar

    @himankerable and what's your reason to watch these tutorials?

  13. Jeremy King Avatar

    Send me a PM for a link to a free webhost

  14. basje1 Avatar

    moar php tutsss

  15. himankerable Avatar

    i'm sure you will not complete this series of tutorial☠

  16. iDavidP Avatar

    Upload more, you're the best!

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