PHP Tutorial – 8 – Do Loop

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23 responses to “PHP Tutorial – 8 – Do Loop”

  1. Rolland Rules Avatar

    is do loop only used in php?

  2. Leo Creatini Avatar

    I like when Bucky personifies his programs 3:16

  3. BGSlimBG Avatar

    Just a stupid question:
    If 10 users are executing the script at the almost same time,will they get the same results?
    I mean they are changing the same variable at the almost same time.

  4. Kd Avatar

    @TheProgrammingWorld NO 🙂

  5. Chris Scutti Avatar

    love how this dude makes the most viewed php tutorials while completely shitfaced.

  6. agent drizzy Avatar

    @15april94 u needz teh apache

  7. kenjipro Avatar

    @tabskiboy this should remain on top comment.

  8. Jose Lopez Avatar

    @tabskiboy you get extra credit.

  9. Andrei Constantin Avatar

    @bradleymichalak notepad++

  10. Andrei Constantin Avatar

    i write it on notepad++, and then fire it up with firefox, but it isn't working, even if it's the same script as the one you presented in ur vid?WTF?

  11. paulceltics Avatar

    i still remember when there was 5 stars ahhh the good days

  12. yourpalcliffy Avatar

    i miss ur arrogance…

  13. bi0 Avatar


    google notepad ++ or better
    Programers Notepad or at best phpDesinger 7

  14. llc Avatar

    whoopdy doo last video we learned to count to 5,

    i hope this one is better maybe we can count to 10

  15. domneth Avatar

    I see most people use Notepad++ but I've been using PSpad. It has built in FTP so I can edit right on my web hosting.

  16. Supreme4321 Avatar

    ok make sure you have the while because you can lag your computer imensly

  17. SwitchRich Avatar

    A 'do' loop always executes at least once, whereas a 'while' loop will only execute if the condition is met at the start.

    The reason for this is that the do loop tests the condition after the code has been executed. Hence, even if the condition fails and the loop doesn't continue, it still executed once.

  18. pinakapogingbata Avatar

    haha.. oh igot it.. thanks tabskiboy!

  19. pinakapogingbata Avatar

    Thanks for tutorials.. but, whats the difference between the while loop and do loop???

  20. D34tho Avatar

    thx and 5 stars

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