Physics Lecture – 2 – Acceleration

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30 responses to “Physics Lecture – 2 – Acceleration”

  1. schwiftyy Avatar

    is your sister hot???

  2. DanielMCEditz Avatar

    Am I supposed to learning physics im grade 5

  3. M1NUS one Avatar

    Just to be clear for anyone not getting miles/hour/second. It's like (miles per hour)per second. Happy face

  4. kaushik vada Avatar

    you made my future so easy

  5. kaushik vada Avatar

    you really helped my so much and i like

  6. kaushik vada Avatar

    you are a really good physics teacher

  7. Joyce Zhong Avatar

    self-teaching myself physics and I'd never thought I'd love it so much. I'm on a streak on this channel. Thank you so much!

  8. ConspiracyWolf Avatar

    how do you get 5 mph you diddnt even say how!!!!!????

  9. i love all k-idols' ass Avatar

    distance(d) = d1 + d2 + d3

    displacement(d with an arrow above) = d1 + d2 + d3 (the d's has an arrow, remember to put in into the solution)

    velocity(v with an arrow too) = displacement/time

    acceleration(a with an arrow) = velocity/time

    time(t) = distance/speed

    speed(s) = distance/time

    distance(if the distance is missing but there's a time and speed) = speed multiplied by time

    Force(f) = mass(m) times acceleration(a)

    momentum(p) = mass times velocity

  10. conner hartman Avatar

    what program is this on?

  11. Ja Jirayu Avatar

    this video makes student want to learn physics.

  12. nameiztaken Avatar

    Comes here to learn, gets distracted by comments.

  13. All 6's&7's Avatar

    we are constantly moving on a galactic scale can we figure out the earths velocity? and would that have an effect on the velocities of particles and such on earth?

  14. Timothy Joseph Franklind Avatar

    your v looks like a check mark

  15. Libranitus Johnson Avatar

    To find acceleration, I don't buy it, since acceleration to a velocity over the distance from 0 to velocity is a curve, so why is it measured as a straight line? Or is that advanced physics and stuff?

  16. Robyn Coe Avatar

    Hi, can anyone recommend a site with exercises to practice this theory?
    Like list of practice questions?

  17. Justin Mooney Avatar

    "We use a triangle" ….facepalm

  18. lilly house Avatar

    I want to go back to high school and get my high school diploma. It's been over eight years since the last time I studied so this is really helpful in refreshing my memory. Thank you!

  19. cereal murtherer Avatar

    I'm going to try to watch all of your mini lectures. Quick, clear, and relatable not to mention humorous. Quite enjoyable.

  20. farah elfaramawy Avatar

    his t's look like a plus

  21. Naci Aslandogan Avatar

    Wow amazing explenation !!!!!!!!!!

  22. Guilherme_Games Avatar

    This is probably a dumb question, but what is cruise control?

  23. Lucas Pflueger Avatar

    i have a stupid school system, and i'm a child genius (iq of 185 to be exact) and i can't do physics till tenth grade so thanks for helping me gets started early

  24. Francis Mallari Avatar

    Can I use KM rather than Miles in calculating velocity and such?

  25. ijmert Ulens Avatar

    Don't you need to convert the velocity to m/s?

  26. Shariq .H Avatar

    LOL I am currently in 5th grade and you explain very well (And ur super funny) that I can understand everything! Thanks!

  27. Junkbreed Avatar

    I Liked and then disliked, so I can Like AGAIN !>

  28. Elite Killa Avatar

    so if i walked home from work took 10 min i travel 8.0miles =1.2mph i think????

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