Physics Lecture – 3 – The Acceleration of Gravity

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30 responses to “Physics Lecture – 3 – The Acceleration of Gravity”

  1. Fabio Papurello Avatar

    This is amazing, you are a very good teacher and i think your are not so boring like some teacher in my country. I m studying with you because now i want to study physioterapy in Italy, and i need to make some exames to enter university. If you want an help to translate your text in other languages i m italian motherlanguage

  2. Maria Walker Avatar

    I thought gravity was still a theory.

  3. Bl-13 Avatar

    I wouldn't throw a can of tuna lol

  4. 8 Mexican Guys Avatar

    Doesn't weight play a factor as well?

  5. SuperCoon88 Avatar

    Is 9.8m/s the acceleration of gravity in a vacuum or at sea level?

  6. Sir. Boaz Mutatay Avatar

    Question please : The speed of gravity does not depend on the weight of the object falling from the top?

  7. Zaira Marquez Avatar

    this guy is good, I mean I'm ten years old and I get this

  8. Brandon Avatar

    i don't even do physics but he makes it interesting lol and easy to learn

  9. ilia dzimistarishvili Avatar

    I think you forgot to say something really important for those you talk to. firstly if acceleration of everything in this world is same shitto would mean that everything falls with same speed regarding of mass and form. the thing is that form and mass will only take effect on thing if it falls in space where air or obstacle is(air is obstacle) in contact with it. buuut the other thing is that in vacuum where is no air and obstacles acceleration for everything would be same which means everything regarding of mass and form would fall on the ground in same time if fallen from same distance. in fact there is no 100% vacuum in the world we know so probably all of those formulas will be no good for you and this acceleration that u called "gravity acceleration" is probably wrong because this 9.8m/s2 is correct only on earth surface and even on earth, force of gravity is different everywhere. radius of earth is 6400km and on the surface of the earth which is unique (yes earth is no flat nor circle or something its unique on its own way) the 9.8m/s2 is just average, there is formulas for understanding where it is 9.8 and where it is 9.7 (but in anyways it doesnot changes much so probably you dont care). sorry for my london

  10. lilly bloom Avatar

    I wish my physics tutor had had this cat's personality. Someone must have done auditions to find him, because most physicists are walking telephone poles.

  11. Jasmine Wallace Avatar

    I love how you space these into small videos focusing on one thing at a time sooo much easier to comprehend

  12. Liomar Baru Avatar

    It looks like the circumference of the can is constantly changing.
    Can you make a video on why this is and how to calculate the change in circumference as time passes ?

  13. wooooooot1 Avatar

    Why is your answer not, 40 mps squared, instead of 40 mps ?

  14. Betsy Boo boo 338 Avatar

    Thanks so much for your videos I'm so glad I can learn physics and stuff!!!

  15. hakan sakioglu Avatar

    after 30.612.244 seconds it will be moving with the speed of light?

  16. Lak Shane Avatar

    An airplane accelerates down a runway at 3.20 m/s2 for 32.8 s until is finally lifts off the ground. Determine the distance traveled before takeoff.( Can you explain this question please ?)

  17. Jayvee dela cruz Avatar

    i know your so helpful but i want to know if you really meant dash or slash? at 2:45

  18. Nuchallengr2049 Avatar

    while I do appreciate this kind of video for trying to get information out there to people unfortunately gravity is not real and is a construct created by Newton to prove his second law. gravity as u said is a mystery. it cannot be seen or calculated only theorized about. come over here and see why….

  19. Naji Muhtm Avatar

    great explanation thank you

  20. Ali Azhar Hussai Avatar

    Sir what is the difference between m/s & m/s2

  21. Waberi Yusuf muse Avatar

    Thank you downt stop this you are amezing

  22. star light Avatar

    Is 39.2 is correct? At 5:23

  23. JoePesciLikes Spaghetti Avatar

    The object falling is a ball containing gravity, but it has a lower amount of energy compared to the earths, so it still falls.. Is that even logical? Someone smarter tell me 😛

  24. BogdyYT Avatar

    I am in 5 grade and I understood everything what you said Thx

  25. Dalton Coghill Avatar

    This is a dumb question. But… why is it 9.8 m/s squared? Where does the square part come in to play when you are doing your math? Ive noticed that a few other figures were squared but didn't come in to play when completing the equation? Can a smart person help this rock?

  26. amy's youtube Avatar

    Love your vids keep up the good work

  27. Amy Lorenzo Avatar

    Wouldn't heavy objects fall faster?

  28. josh shearer Avatar

    Do you talk about terminal velocity at all?

  29. roll14tideroll Avatar

    I thought soemthing couldn't go faster than 9.81 m/s, isn't that terminal velocity?

  30. Dabber 360 Avatar

    thanks for the lessons

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