Physics Lecture – 45 – Wave Resonance

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30 responses to “Physics Lecture – 45 – Wave Resonance”

  1. Cat Face Poetry Avatar

    It begins with "What is up LADIES? Welcome….." You may be gay, and I respect that.

  2. Angelie Mae Bonaobra Avatar

    I love this video. The speaker sounds so enteraining. I enjoy learning here in this vid.

  3. Chana G Avatar

    Thank you for cruncing a lot of information in a simple easy logig understandale manner! The visual examples are one of the best understanding tools!

  4. Yatrik Avatar

    why my collage don't have teachers like you…..

    sir i loved your explanation !

  5. scifisappho Avatar

    one time at a friends house we were blasting music on her apple tv and a plate (like on disply, not laying flat) fell of the display shelf and broke

  6. RoninC Avatar

    Hold up, Newboston does physics?

  7. Nabila Aziz Avatar

    This is simply great explanation, Bucky!!

  8. EZCAPE Records Avatar

    I have two things to say hopefully it helps someone when you hit the glass its moving the air molecules at a certain frequency and if you are sending that frequency back at the glass it will vibrate because like pushing a swing in a play ground each one is increasing amplitude till it breaks.
    The second thing is something i found which is cool i wanted to find the frequency of air i did this by moving my arm fast in the air and recorded the frequency it was around 90hz which when blasting out the speaker was creating the most bass and air moving
    Just something cool
    Thanks for all these tutorials it really solidified by knowledge plus i learnt some new stuff

  9. Begaim Sobirjonova Avatar

    Your 45 videos helped me so much because they were all understandable. Had a question is it enough for me to know all the things you explained in these 45 videos for my entrance exam to a university. Please answer as soon as possible because I am applying to computer science and it needs Physics assessment. Before watching your videos I did not know much about physics and i am truly not sure if these all are enough for me to know in order to do the exam of the university that i am applying!

  10. Erma The Flying Bee Avatar

    I want my voice to be resonant but every time I go over G4 all the resonance in my voice goes away. Why is that?

  11. Randomize Oslo Avatar

    Wait wait wait.. So if I record the sound from the wineglass and play it back on a loudspeaker, it will break the glass?

    Edit: I guess I should watch the entire video before asking Q's, LOL!

  12. Seth D Avatar

    I broke my dad's wine glass. Thanks man.

  13. Akshay Sapra Avatar

    What is up ladies!! hahaha

  14. Grace Chu Avatar

    So if I continue to tap on glass A, on the condition that glass A and B have the same natural frequency, will glass B eventually break? Thank you in advance 🙂

  15. Siddharth Sharma Avatar

    I have a doubt.
    If the wine glass, when struck with the fork, vibrates at its natural frequency and doesn't break. Why does it break when speakers make it vibrate at the same frequency? And if it breaks just because of intensity of vibrations, we should have been able to break it using any damn loud sound. Not just the natural frequency.

  16. Barbie Boss Avatar

    U should make more videos tho

  17. Arsalan Marri Avatar

    Good work man. You must make more videos like this, they are really so helpful.

  18. Lorenzo Ketlin Avatar

    Cant lie to you mate this was the weakest educational video ive ever seen please stop trying to be funny and relatable and just teach

  19. Bulbul Chan Avatar

    "yelling at your computer desk" oh my god

  20. Evil Cherrio Avatar

    Is this your last physics video?

  21. Fabio Duque Degani Avatar

    I have a question: on an acoustic guitar, where it vibrates and it's vibrations go through the air. You say that it's not resonating? If you get the exact frequency where it can resonates it would produce a much louder sound? Is this why acoustic guitars are so ineficient?

  22. Steve Pants Avatar

    i wish i had a Physics teacher like you man :')

  23. George Washington Avatar

    Learned more in 5 minutes about this topic than my physics ever explained the 9 months ive had him

  24. Sunstone Avatar

    He didn't say "goodbye" (ahhahahaha) all the memories
    The Tuna Can
    your sister who shouted at you
    and ugly squash…
    all cutted up bye a simple end of the video 🙁 ahahhahahaha

  25. Knowledgeable Zombie Avatar

    Your voice sounds so nice and soothing.

  26. George Williamson Avatar

    Very clear and simple explanation. Thank you

  27. Chris Black Avatar

    Bucky, is there anything you can't explain?

  28. Mangesh Satpute Avatar

    superb ………
    good explanation ….
    really this video helps me for understanding resonance concept

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