Plans Going Forward (No More Paid Udemy Courses)


In this video learn about why I will no longer be making paid udemy courses. Listen to my issues with the platform and the direction that they’re headed before you dive in as a udemy instructor.

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3 responses to “Plans Going Forward (No More Paid Udemy Courses)”

  1. WPWithTom Avatar

    Feel free to let me know what you think here in the comments! I know many people love udemy, but it's paid structure just isn't for me and my goals in the long run.

  2. TechStacker Avatar

    Thank you for making this video, Tom, you make a lot of great points!

    I have a JavaScript tutorial coming up, and my plan was to publish a complete series here on YouTube first, and then use my channel to drive traffic towards more in-depth, paid courses on Udemy. But your experience (plus other stories I've heard recently) has made me scrap that idea.

    I don't like the 50% model either, and as you said, several things have to align in order for you to get more than that. It seems shady, and that coupon model is just ridiculous, not transparent at all.
    Average net profit, $4.8…. damn.. and with over 100 support tickets per week? That's a really bad deal :-/

    I've decided to take the Wes Bos route. His audience is not gigantic like some Udemy author's, but the average student pays more (50 to $150) per course directly into his pocket, and therefore fewer (but more serious) people get in, which reduces his support burden. It takes longer to get an audience, but long-term it's a much better strategy.

    Btw, good idea to keep your free Udemy courses online, now you can use them to promote yourself for free — which can end up being valuable later on, should you start to sell courses on your own website.

    Like I said to Chris Hawkes, the only thing he's lacking is production values, not teaching. Tom, I think your channel will blow up if you improve the the audio / video quality. You have a good voice, and you're a straight talker.

    I'm very curious to see where you're going with this new approach — I'll definitely be tuning in 🙂

  3. John Boyd Avatar

    I appreciate your challenges and integrity. I will continue to be an avid follower on your YouTube channel. I have see, as you stated, free content on YouTube and paid on Udemy that sure seemed to be the same thing. I had already given up on Udemy and can usually find what I need on YouTube. I respect your courage to point this out and hopefully Udemy will have their eyes opened to the imbalance you have so eloquently stated.

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