[Pluralsight]: Become a Full-stack .NET Developer

Demand for full-stack developers who are comfortable with both front-end and back-end development is increasing constantly, and some companies only hire full-stack developers.

In this course, I’ll take you a journey to learn full-stack development. We’ll build a real-world application, starting from the requirements document and deliver working software with clean code, clean architecture and automated tests.

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27 responses to “[Pluralsight]: Become a Full-stack .NET Developer”

  1. Fast Solution Avatar

    Kudvenkat is the best and Free

  2. Ahmed Hussainy Avatar

    I really liek your tuts but can you make your tuts on asp.net core 1.1 ?

  3. Kevin Merenger Avatar

    forget .Net now in 2017 go JAVASCRIPT and the open source community tech

  4. Tanuj Nayanam Avatar

    You are the best. Love your courses.

  5. angelo cardona Avatar

    i watched is really great, i learn a bunch of new thinks really good thinks

  6. Marcin Grygierczyk Avatar

    I love your tutorials! Would be nice to see TDD course made by you. Thanks for all your ASP.NET lectures it helped me a lot! Waiting for more content about it

  7. Tafik kml Avatar

    you probably need to cover db first approach on this please.

  8. Tafik kml Avatar

    you probably need to cover db first approach on this please.

  9. Michael Fish Avatar

    I'm sure the content is very good but going from junior to senior from any course sounds insane to me

  10. Minh Quân Nguyễn Avatar

    Please, I want to create "Scheduled Tasks In ASP.NET MVC With Quartz.Net" but when I build done, and I publish a project with IIS after that It doesn't work…You can create a course on Pluralsight this guide does it… Please help me!!!!
    Thanks for the support!!!
    This is a video great!!!!

  11. Rafik George Avatar

    mosh your course free in the internet !

  12. Trần Đức Thông Avatar

    Can't pay on pluralsight, I got error message is "There was a problem with your payment". I've used Visa Debit, and I'm from Vietnam. Do you know why?

  13. dfilion3 Avatar

    Hi Mosh, I don’t know if this would be too much to ask but if you could have a Module on Authentication to a web.api using oAuth this would be awesome and differentiate you from the other courses. Maybe Facebook auth?

  14. Optimist GM Avatar

    Hi Mr. Hamadani .. I'm a little confused .. Which course should I take? The Aps.Net with MVC first, then jumping to this course? Or just taking this full-stack course would be sufficient ..

  15. Mohamed Atta Avatar

    I subscribed in Pluarsight but I can't access first level . It gives me the following message The trademarks and trade names of third parties mentioned in this course are the property of their respective owners, and Pluralsight is not affiliated with or endorsed by these parties.

  16. Kmiilo Berrio Montoya Avatar

    Might think of a platform Which Translates your voice or something similar I would buy this course but not Inglés , Could you help me 🙁

  17. debugtime Avatar

    Going to bookmark it. to watch it later. Thanks Mosh. A lot of love from Pakistan 🙂

  18. Kmiilo Berrio Montoya Avatar

    I would like to take out a course of asp.net mvc5 with angular , where DDD software architecture , autofac , AutoMapper , something very professional and if possible is implemented in Spanish

  19. Tis'ur"Master'" Avatar

    i'd like to see angular 2 with asp core api with jwt and entity framwork version of this.

  20. nehmiazgreat Avatar

    Hi Mosh, thank you for the info. I have one question though. Do I have access to the course material after my subscription for the particular month expires? I mean, for example, in Udemy you just buy the course one time and you have access to it as long as you want. I think this differs in pluralsight. I've already purchased your ASP.NET MVC course on udemy and I like it a lot so far. I wanted to also check this course but I just wanted to clear this doubt I have. Let me know please. Thanks.

  21. Vova Creme Avatar

    Man, I fell in love with this course. It's the best tutorial course that I've seen for a while and actually what I needed according to my level. Thank you very much and I hope to see more and more new courses from you)

  22. Douglas Simão Avatar

    watched it too, really good tho! and dont forget Microsoft is giving 6 or 7 month access to pluralsign just google it 😉

  23. Elbos Avatar

    Sorry but i wont pay monthly. I dont want the anxiety of study every day because if not i lost money. Too bad, because you are my favorite teacher on Udemy.

  24. Артём Айрапетов Avatar

    1:27 — "I am not here to sell you pluralsight subscription" but I am gonna do it anyways 😀

  25. ZapoteC Sharp Avatar

    This is more a thing of 2014-15 not for 2016.

  26. Jeff Wikstrom Avatar

    Why the switch from Udemy?

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