Posting Articles, Images, Video, etc. in WordPress

I go into detail on what types of posts attract people. Then I de-jargonize the whole process of creating, editing, and search engine optimizing posts. From Design To Web Setting Up Blog






4 responses to “Posting Articles, Images, Video, etc. in WordPress”

  1. Derek Banas Avatar

    @wstam88 On my website newthinktank (dot) com

  2. Wesley Stam Avatar

    Where can I find the links you referred to in the video?

  3. Derek Banas Avatar

    @nippermh My video called WordPress Problem's Solved covers image's in more detail. You can align your image's when you first put it in your media library, or click on the image in your post. Then click on the button that pop's up called Edit Image. Then you can align the image in the pop up. Hope that helps?

  4. WordPress Guy Avatar

    How do you align an inserted image? Thanks.

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