Premium News WordPress Theme woothemes tutorial


General overview of woothemes premium news wordpress theme






26 responses to “Premium News WordPress Theme woothemes tutorial”

  1. vamshi krishna Avatar

    Hi, thanks for this video. Future can we have the continuation of this video the end.

  2. Djordje Simonovic Avatar

    Tyler how can i add more categories in featured slider in options i can only chose one

  3. Rafael Monteiro Avatar

    where can i find this theme to download? it isnt on woo's website anymore

  4. CHEEKY MINKS Avatar

    Hello Tyler, Thank you for all the wonderful videos. I have this theme that i purchased for some time now. I was wondering if you could do a video on this theme. The theme is called cosmox-multipurpose-wo. I would like to use the cosmox fashion show. I have tried to look at the video for the theme and it is not clear or does it have any sound. The videos are blurry. I send it ticket to the author but the response that i got made no sense. Do you think you would be able to do this theme video?

  5. Edmund Chow Avatar

    Hi Tyler, is there any update tutorial about the Premium Njews or related magazine website? Thanks for your help. I have drive my website to its max. Have a look mydriveawaycar. Many thanks. You are a legend.Thanks

  6. Susan Weaver Avatar

    Hi Tyler, I have just started using word press. I have switched from another web builder which I had a lot of problems. I want to sell products on my site and have down loaded woo commerce. I down loaded a fee woo these to work with word press but I do not like it. Is there a good theme to use in woo that works well? I really like the theme word press had but someone said I cant use that if I have work woo commerce and want to sell. Do you know one that is user friendly for woo?

  7. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thats awesome! thanks!

  8. Edmund Chow Avatar

    Hi Tyler, finally, I have finished building my website with your help via various You Tube video. Thank you very much.

  9. Edmund Chow Avatar

    Hi Tyler, How can I swap the Woothemes ads on my Premium News? I have been to woothemes ad website, but I don't know how to create a blank ad page!! Many thanks for your help.Edmund

  10. CHEEKY MINKS Avatar

    Hi Tyler I really love your videos. You are one of the few online that do very understandable wordpress tutorial. I have brought two theme and keep meeting these so call web guy that try and take my money. I am so at the end of my rope. I would be happy if you can do a video for Cosmox Layout 9 fashion theme. I have tried to edit the slider image and set up the store but to no avail. How do we contact you to hire you for your service please.

  11. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Please contact the theme author for these requests, thanks!

  12. 6mangoginger Avatar

    Hi Countant, I am having difficulties setting up my wootheme bueno profile. there are quite a few questions I need answers for : P To start with could you please explain how I can link an image in my post with a webpage. Thanks a lot!

  13. Tyler Moore Avatar

    you can do it but you have to know code.

  14. onesmith smith Avatar

    Hello Conutant, i must say you are really a good instructor on this wordPress i dont think there is any other better tut on utube, i m having a problem, is there a way someone can take one of those wordpress free template and remake it in a way which u will have at left side the HOME,PRODUCT,ABOUT and all that inside of always been on the top which is common.. or one would have to find template with such design?

  15. Tyler Moore Avatar

    It should work, sometimes it takes a few days for adsense to register, did you wait the two days necessary? Also if you dont have lots of content then ads wont show up. Why dont you ask in the google forum? They will help you.

  16. TheRealMoeRock Avatar

    I used the widget text also used many google adsense plugins,also pasted the script into the editor nothing worked. Do you think this particular theme somehow prevents it? I cannot contact woo themes as I am not a member. Thanks

  17. Tyler Moore Avatar

    You have to do it in the widget sidebar area instead of the ad area. The ad area is for custom ads but the widget sidebar area is for adsense. You can also download an adsense plugin that will help you out.

  18. TheRealMoeRock Avatar

    I'm sorry i meant tyler 🙂

  19. TheRealMoeRock Avatar

    Hello Andrew thanks for the response. That method does not work with the news-theme tutorial. Do you know how to put it on this particular theme?

  20. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Please look at my latest video, I show you how to ad adsense to a blog made in wordpress.

  21. TheRealMoeRock Avatar

    Do you know how to add adsense to this theme? I have gone crazy over the last two days looking for the answer.

  22. Tyler Moore Avatar

    You will have to modify the custom code or put your own links there.

  23. Brian Luenow Avatar

    Hi, thanks for the video. Did you ever figure out how to get rid of the ads on the right?

  24. Tyler Moore Avatar

    @canadian1000 That is weird, I am sorry I don't know the issue. I would have to look into the code.

  25. canadian1000 Avatar

    I am also using this theme which I purchased, but there is no Premium News SEO Settings or Custom Settings? I am using 3.3.1. What is the issue, do you know?

  26. Tyler Moore Avatar

    @cancars2 thanks!!

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