Procreate Lettering For Beginners – iPad Pro Tutorial

Grid :

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27 responses to “Procreate Lettering For Beginners – iPad Pro Tutorial”

  1. Cealise Jackson Avatar

    How are you doing that quick undo?!

  2. Powerpups Agility Avatar

    Hi Will. The grid canvas on the link you provided open up to lines not grid lines I see on you demo. Has this free download file type changed since your last posting?

  3. AFK pentakill Avatar

    What kinda iPad are you using?

  4. Amy Guzman Avatar

    Where did you get your matte screen protector? Can you link it?

  5. tom black Avatar

    That sounds so odd

  6. Steve Jackson Avatar

    Hello Will, just asking what matte screen protector did you use in your video?

  7. Shanna C Avatar

    Where can I find the grid image?

  8. Cristel Rossignol Avatar

    Thank you! Your videos are super concise and easy to understand.

  9. rymdskrotet Avatar

    Which size of Ipad Pro would you recommend? I will use it for photo editing, drawing as well as watching movies etc. =) is the old 9.7" fine enough?

  10. Cthulhu Noir Avatar

    Where'd you get the screen protector from?

  11. Natalka Design Avatar

    Will, could you link what matte screen you bought? so many out there – would like a feel like yours!!

  12. Jose Zama Avatar

    It’s not the same grid btw

  13. quincy fleuren Avatar

    not able to find the grid on that website

  14. Andrew Church Avatar

    sorry, frustrating when I'm trying to find one on the really basic basics. Open for the first time, click on a sample, ruined it. I had to delete the app and re download to get the sample art back THAT'S how basic I need. I'll come back know more

  15. BryJoGlow Avatar

    How are you able to procreate with screen protection?

    p.s. im really pissed that no one is making sex and condom jokes…… i thought this was youtube.. I'm disappointed.

  16. Jubin Kurien Avatar

    Question : what size of iPad Pro did you purchase ?and do you take notes on the iPad- if so, does it take up a lot of space for a heavy note taker ?
    Considering buying an iPad but don't know what size to get if I'm purely using it for note taking and browsing

  17. Toran Shaw Avatar

    Can these files be saved in a format that Inkscape, GIMP and Krita can then open?

  18. AbiInMusic Avatar

    how can i add glitter detalles to a drawing ?

  19. shamol begum Avatar

    will you genius!!!!!

  20. Helen Mihelarakis Avatar

    Will this work on the iPad mini?

  21. adrian lopez Avatar

    Tardado, habla mucho, mal video

  22. Meg's Creations Avatar

    Do you have a screen protector on your iPad? If so, where did you get it? Thanks!

  23. Mads D Avatar

    The reason I would really like to have this kind of tablet is you can be as wasteful as you can possibly imagine. I love type design, calligraphy and hand-lettering—I also love to draw. Most of the times I make random lines and ellipses to warm up my arm and hand. I feel bad when I do that on paper because it is very much unusable.

  24. Mustafa Yusuf Avatar

    Skip to 8 minutes for the tutorial.

  25. Bill Beto Avatar

    which matte screen protector are you using?

  26. nope Avatar

    Quick question, in the beginning it looked like it took a couple of tries when you were scrolling through your gallery, is that because of the matte screen protector, or something else?

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