Profile and optimize your Angular 2 apps

Learn how to find and fix performance problems due to view rendering in Angular 2 apps.

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5 responses to “Profile and optimize your Angular 2 apps”

  1. Muna Padhy Avatar

    how to get your source code?

  2. Merhex Avatar

    Hi Mosh! Big fan and supporter of your work! Bought 4 courses from you so far and counting!
    Anyways, I have a but of a off-topic question.
    I heard u were using a Mac keyboard, so I assume u work on a Mac. I am planning on buying an iMac in the future for software/app and game development! Could you recommend a certain iMac model for this purpose?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. haider malik Avatar

    Hey Mosh, I have forked the official repository for angular2. I have run it my local machine. Now I would like to run the test for some features. Do you know how can I run the test ? How can i setup it my local machine ?

  4. Aliaksandr Hladchanka Avatar

    Thank you for the video, i knew about this technique, but you described it so good.
    Also i know in additional we could use ngrx srotes, that could upgrade performance in case of we will change movies' list via CRUD operations and etc. what do you think ?

  5. Navas Basheer Avatar

    Thank you for this tip!! Thumbs up for your presentation skills !! By the way, I love the way you say 'So' throughout your lectures 😀 every 'So' gives us a heads up 🙂

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