Pygame (Python Game Development) Tutorial – 40 – Converting to Executable

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19 responses to “Pygame (Python Game Development) Tutorial – 40 – Converting to Executable”

  1. Shar7 well Avatar

    If you're encountering problems installing the .whl file well it's pretty simple :
    • download the one which supports your python version, for example 'cp36' is for python 3.6 and so on
    • when download is finished do not open up the file directly. Instead place the file in the scripts directory inside your python directory in user/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/python(version)
    • once finished open up your command line and cd (the directory full path)
    • in the command line type 'pip install (filename)
    And congratulations 🙂

  2. Shar7 well Avatar

    I don't know why is he still importing that time module.
    Kinda silly as it could just cause errors or maybe slow the game down a bit, also it is not good to import modules to your code without using them.

  3. Ramisa Anjum Aditi Avatar

    The sentdex guy!! also in this channel??

  4. Wolfy Wolf Avatar

    ## if anyone has problems with finding or installing cx_freeze just open cmd and write:
    -m pip install cx_Freeze –upgrade
    ## or you can just write:
    python -m pip install cx_Freeze –upgrade

    ## there is no difference

  5. Nathaniel Orton Avatar

    You don't have to be using Linux to use pip, it runs on windows too

  6. Kai Zheng Avatar

    Is there a way to add easy, medium, and hard mode to the current code?

  7. kaylin maharaj Avatar

    I cant find the cx_Freeze file that's compatible with my version of python.I have Python 3.5.1. Help?

  8. Cory Stroud Avatar

    Anyone able to help write make it save a high score

  9. Cory Stroud Avatar

    Can anyone show me how to add a high score function to this game or point me so where that will show me. I want to add levels and a high score function

  10. space_punkin Avatar

    am i the only one that actually deleted all their code and had to start all over?
    this is my 2nd time thru this thing…

  11. Brandon Wiker Avatar

    Having problems with cx_freeze. When I try to run the executable for it, I get to the first page, press next, and it tells me "Python 2.7 is required and was not found in the registry" and it refuses to install. I have Python 2.7.9. I've tried re-installing python with default settings, doesn't change anything. Help?

  12. Emily Zhou Avatar

    what do you need to do for mac

  13. DalkerKD Avatar

    Instead of including all the pictures one by one, could I just replace them with a directory? Also how would I include audio?

  14. ハイドロHydroper Avatar

    I love this CHANNEEEEEEEEEL!

  15. weriak Avatar

    wtf this is from sentdex

  16. Q18R Avatar

    Could you possibly do any IOS or OSX Swift tutorials because there is little if not any tutorials online.

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