Python 2.7 Tutorial Pt 9

I’ll explain how to perform error catching inside of Python 2.7. I’ll specifically review how to:
* Raise your own exceptions
* Catch any error, so that your program doesn’t crash
* Review all of the possible errors that can occur in Python
* Review the most common errors to look out for

Code is here






19 responses to “Python 2.7 Tutorial Pt 9”

  1. b bec Avatar

    Very nice videos, but i do agree in one other guys post about how you should name your videos according to what your doing istead of tutorial number 9 – 10 etc, like number 8 is mostly about class's etc would be sweet but thanks for good videos anyways

  2. anirudh parmar Avatar

    HEY derek how can i read code from module written by others.

  3. Giorgio Clavelli Avatar

    Fantastic lessons Derek!! I'm very impressed by your talents.

  4. Derek Banas Avatar

    The e value is assigned by the interpreter when the exception is generated

  5. Derek Banas Avatar

    No I didn't cover that topic. Eventually I'll get back to Python and make its tutorial as good as my Java tutorial.

  6. rahul kumar Avatar

    Is there a tutorial on the traceback module in python , maybe a short description to get the offending line in the program

  7. Derek Banas Avatar

    The hosting companies charge a ton of money to allow you to use Django. I've had clients that didn't car, but until I find a good inexpensive Django hosting company I'm going to wait a little longer. It sucks I know

  8. Pr0nfessor Avatar

    Thanks for your reply 🙂 What do you mean by "cheap solution"? Django is 100% free of charge

  9. Derek Banas Avatar

    I agree and I've been very happy with the django framework. The only problem is that I try to stick with cheap solutions. I'll see what I can do

  10. Pr0nfessor Avatar

    Youtube could use a Django tutorial. There is none of version 1.0+, while 1.4 is the latest release

  11. Derek Banas Avatar

    @djamorpheus It takes time to learn this stuff. Eventually I show you how to create a web site scraper and how to make a chat system. If you make it through the whole tutorial you'll be able to make just about anything. After you learn one language the rest are easy to pick up

  12. djamorpheus Avatar

    You know whats really annoying, even though i understand to an extent whats going on and what is being written, i still dont know how to apply it to anything, i feel like im never going to learn python.

  13. Derek Banas Avatar

    @wildlux1989 Sure that sounds great. You have my permission to do what ever you'd like. Thanks

  14. paolo lo bello Avatar

    Does not imply anything. Means that you will be mentioned in the video, plus you get more visits because of traffic pouring a little in this video.

  15. Derek Banas Avatar

    @wildlux1989 I guess. I'm not sure what that entails?

  16. paolo lo bello Avatar

    Hi can i translate this video in italian language? This video i explain in italian language,if you whant !

  17. Derek Banas Avatar

    @pixelhunter0 Thanks a bunch 🙂

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