Python GUI Development with GTK+ 3 – Tutorial 2 – Buttons

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9 responses to “Python GUI Development with GTK+ 3 – Tutorial 2 – Buttons”

  1. Mithu Mondal Avatar

    Why do people dislike videos like this. I just don't get it :/ Awesome work BTW.

  2. Aman Sharma Avatar

    There is a error for specifying the gtk version …solved by including the following ……

    import gi
    gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0')

  3. Blair Sharpe Avatar

    I love the humour (Y)

  4. Scott Palmer Avatar

    No follow up video?

  5. Daniel Gill Avatar

    Would you be able to make a series of OOP for people that have a bit of experience with programming. I have never been able to get my head round the idea. I understand some of the terms but get lost with classes, constructers and object-view controllers. For developing any kind of modern program OOP is used over procedural.

  6. nazeer shaik Avatar

    hey bucky where the title for window

  7. Gego/XAREN ゲゴザレン Avatar

    You chould probably inherent from Gtk.Application and not Gtk.Window… It sets up a lot of nice things for you. 🙂

  8. Rishabh Gupta Avatar

    Finally Bucky goes Object Oriented. BTW the videos are awesome.

  9. Raúl zH Avatar

    Nice video bucky!

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