Python GUI with Tkinter – 5 – More on the Grid Layout

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40 responses to “Python GUI with Tkinter – 5 – More on the Grid Layout”

  1. Jonathan Fry Avatar

    How would you move the checkbutton to the middle of the page???

  2. muge nji Avatar

    What does that 2 after columnspan really do?

  3. CubeMania Avatar

    You make the best Python tutorials I've ever seen. They're so easy to understand and remember. Thanks so much!

  4. Desert Fox Avatar

    can i add buttons to that?

  5. Doyle911 Avatar

    i have just one question, can you make a table? i want to fill it with data from my mysql database, and idk how to make a neat looking table, with fixed spaces and everything, can you give me a link where i can learn it? or just tell me how? Much thanks, love the videos btw

  6. Amir Sayed Avatar

    But pyhton GUI codes are not availabe in your GitHub repository.

  7. Samsil Arefin Avatar

    code is here//

    from tkinter import*


    label_1=Label(root , text="Name:")
    label_2=Label(root , text="Password:")




    chek=Checkbutton(root,text="Keep me logged in")


  8. Rick Zicari Avatar

    check it out! I appreciate the friggen videos

  9. sodapopinski Avatar

    i know this is an old video, but why didn't you have to specify the row, when doing the checkbox, bc there was no frames either,,, sorry man probably a dumb question, I've only been trying to learn programming for a month, and I'm pretty lost all the time, but screw it, I'm lost most of the time anyway and i find a way through, so why would this be any different.

  10. xx Avatar

    python 2.x:

    YOU MUST PUT "Tkinter." BEFORE EVERY WIDGET > *Tkinter.*Label(root, text="Hello World!")

  11. Shivam Keshri Avatar

    really good tkinter module teaching .i loved it the way of easiness

  12. Ammar Burhani Avatar

    sticky=E did not work for me I had to go sticky="E"
    not sure why but it worked with the quotes for me

  13. É TopSaber Bitcoin Avatar

    is it possable to center a label using the sticky cmd..
    for exemple: .grid(root, sticky=CENTER)
    or something like that..
    Help please

  14. Lorenzo Zuluaga Avatar

    hey, thanks for this awesome videos

  15. amandeep singh sokhi Avatar

    how about if i increase the size of the window and want to place the login details in the center?

  16. divya dixit Avatar

    how to use fill=X with grid().I tried but it was showing error

  17. Marc Avatar

    Im on episode 5 so far, and i must say its been brilliant. very clear and informative. Im a beginner to python and coding in general and i was looking for something to bridge the gap between running the scripts in pycharm and putting them in a GUI. Great work so far. would love to pick your brains further!

  18. abdellatif abdo Avatar

    Many thankx for your explanation !

  19. Brandin King Avatar

    When I run my program all I get is a white screen. Here is my code. Did i miss something?

    from tkinter import *

    root = Tk()

    label_1 = Label(root, text="Name")
    label_2 = Label(root, text="Password")
    entry_1 = Entry(root)
    entry_2 = Entry(root)


    entry_1.grid(row=0, column=1)
    entry_2.grid(row=1, column=1)


    Have some of the commands changed since publishing? I am using PyCharm2016.3.2.

  20. yuvi Avatar

    how come the checkButton knows to stay at the bottom? I would assume, since no grid location was specified it would result in (0,0).

  21. chris mahn Avatar

    i got a sticky situation, can never remember my right or left

  22. krutarth raut Avatar

    Awesome. I learn python from many docs. But understand with your videos. Thank You Bucky 😉

  23. Masoud Delghandi Avatar

    Heyyy, I was wondering what type of program you are using to write your python in (within this clip). It differs from the software that there is available on the python site right? Would you be so kind to inform me? I am just getting started!

  24. K24 Avatar

    Amazing videos! I keep writing notes in ### from what you say and it sticks!.. sticky=E 😉

  25. Mohammad Mahjoub Avatar

    Yo guys can anyone tell me why is the answer not being displayed on the same tkinter window? Here is the code:
    # let's create a program that will * 7 and get the result ##
    import sys
    from tkinter import *
    def MU():
    mtext = m.get()
    textLable = Label(root, text=mtext)
    root = Tk()
    m = StringVar()

    root.title("Lets get it !! ")

    first = Label(root, text = "What you put here will be * 7 ").pack()
    Buttoncheck = Button(root, text = "Check answer", command = MU).pack()
    Enter_first = Entry(root, textvariable = m).pack()


  26. Hampton Ford Avatar

    Is there any way to use .pack(fill=BOTH) or X or Y with .grid()?

  27. Dave Quarick Avatar

    #Code is:
    from tkinter import*

    root = Tk()

    label1 = Label(root, text="Username:")
    label2 = Label(root , text="Password:")

    label1.grid(row=0, sticky=E)
    label2.grid(row=1, sticky=E)

    entry1 = Entry(root)
    entry2 = Entry(root)

    entry1.grid = (row=0, column=1)
    entry2.grid = (row=1, column=1)

    checkbox_1 = Checkbutton(root, text="Keep me logged in.")


  28. nlkhoshiro Avatar

    can you please replace my python college teacher ? imagine or not she gave us the ENTIRE tk tutorials in 4 mins

  29. imfredd Avatar

    Thank you so much man, your videos are awesome!

  30. Razvan Cristian Avatar

    How u can make the password in the textbox with '*' ?

  31. TravelFlow Avatar

    I can so tell your left handed ;D

  32. cosmosjs eee Avatar

    Very good tutorial! thank you.

  33. Govment Avatar

    Is it possible to specify which 2(or more) columns to span over if there are more columns than the amount specified to span over?

  34. Tanweer Ahmad Avatar

    I like your tutorials but one thing, it won't help anyone if someone is just going to copy & paste the code, good thing that you don't share codes in description, one won't learn until he types the code himself.

  35. R Devesh Avatar

    thats really easy and cool.I tried gui with java and its really hard! Thanks Bucky!

  36. G G Avatar

    why columnspan(and other things) arent part of autocomplete

  37. Matt Infa Avatar

    I've got the biggest cheesy grin 😀

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