Python How to Program Pt 4

Here I explain Python Tuples, Lists, Dictionarys, While Loops, For Loops, If Statements and more.

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  1. Andrew Weit Avatar

    32 bit? Awesome series. Thank you for uploading!

  2. Allison Scully Avatar

    First off love the videos, as some body who has primarily programmed in C and COBOL over the years, it's a life saver to find easy guides to pre-defined data structures not found in the above languages, so thanks!

    That being said;

    Immutable == Not able to change
    Mutable == Able to change

    Glad you brought the lower level stuff into account, but that being said most people associate the textbook definition of those in the English dictionary, especially those whose first language are not English(I.E: myself). I'm pretty sure I'm just being a stickler, but nonetheless you almost had me confused for a moment there.

    Perhaps explaining why they need a new place in memory would help folks understand a little better as to why it needs a new address.

  3. indra jagadeesh Avatar

    sir I got a doubt in mutabla list
    actually there u just append but not overwrite
    in case of immutabla u assigned the values just like overwrite
    I didn't get correct meaning for mutable and immutable

    sir I really what to thank you a lot
    I am following all ur video
    learn so much
    your explanation so good

  4. Sorawit Kongnurat Avatar

    It took me quite a bit of time to truly the last concept you were teaching. Nice video!

  5. Molly Winter Avatar

    reckon I can make you a suit now Derek XD

  6. alandavidclark Avatar

    Great tutorials, using them as help when instructing my boys….I did have a issue with tupleEX though….I get an error that says tupleEX is not defined….must have missed a step? or is this a function I need to import?…keep up the great work

  7. korisx Avatar

    Thank you for these tutorials.  God send.

  8. Derek Banas Avatar

    Sorry about that. I need to actually redo these tutorials. I'm better at making tutorials now. I'm very happy that you enjoy the videos 🙂

  9. Tamanna Qureshi Avatar

    you have a nice laugh

  10. Tamanna Qureshi Avatar

    where you live and state you live in, you trust us a lot. Not complaining though love the videos but I wished you spent more time on the mutable and immutable lists but it's okay I understood it later. Thank you.

  11. Derek Banas Avatar

    I sent the message to your forum page on YouTube because I couldn't print it here. i hope that helps

  12. Caleb Cameron Avatar

    Hey Derek what would i type to print even numbers?

  13. Derek Banas Avatar

    Great! I'm glad to help

  14. rodrigueskorn Avatar

    Yes, that's what I was looking for exactly.
    You did it way easy less complicated than I was doing it.
    Thank you so much for everything, Derek.

  15. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂 I think this is what you are looking for

    name = input("What is your name: ")
    removeName = input('Remove a name: ')
    newName = name.replace(removeName, "")

  16. rodrigueskorn Avatar

    First of all thank you Derek for all your videos, they're helpfull, all because your way of teaching is clear.
    Hey Derek can you help me on this, ex.:

    names = raw_input('Enter many names you want: ')
    names = names.split()
    array = [names]

    removeName = raw_input('Remove a name: ')

    # Err
    index = array.index(removeName)
    print array.remove(array[index])

    As you can see I was tryin to remove a word from the string, ex.: >>> bread coffee cookie
    >> removed – coffee

    How would I do this right?

  17. Derek Banas Avatar

    They are similar, but tuples are immutable which means you cannot update them or change values

  18. Chris Haines Avatar

    so tuples are basically arrays?

  19. Derek Banas Avatar

    The best way to learn this stuff is to print out the code from my site and then take any notes as you watch the video. If something doesn't make sense as you go through feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to clear everything up. Keep at it and you'll eventually have an A-ha moment and it will all fall into place

  20. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome!

  21. Matthew Orndoff Avatar

    These are immensely helpful. Thanks so much!

  22. Derek Banas Avatar

    @SpruzoEntertainment Thank you 🙂 I'm glad you liked it

  23. Derek Banas Avatar

    @TheBlueBear1337 Thank you very much 🙂 I do my best

  24. Edvin Olofsson Avatar

    you are really good at explaining. The most programmers ont youtube and even teachers make it sound way to hard… great work!

  25. inuasha880 Avatar

    @CoreOFDeath007 only in python 3.x which suks

  26. gent2910 Avatar

    Mind = Blown
    if mind == Blown
    print ""Awesome"

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