Python Network Packet Sniffer Tutorial – 2 – Formatting MAC Address

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6 responses to “Python Network Packet Sniffer Tutorial – 2 – Formatting MAC Address”

  1. Stefan Ekström Avatar

    Dont find this code on your git ….

  2. Julius Vaidila Avatar

    getting this error:
    ValueError: Unknown format code 'x' for object of type 'str'

  3. Satadhi Halder Avatar

    can someone explain what is happening inside map function please! !

  4. Root Labs Avatar

    If you use 02X rather than 02x it will automatically convert it into upper case

  5. Mr Sandman Avatar

    Hi Sir! I really love this tutorial you have made, the only question is the bytes_str = map [etc.]. Idk why (double checked the syntax) but it doesn't work for me.

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