Python Programming Tutorial – 1 – Installing Python

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37 responses to “Python Programming Tutorial – 1 – Installing Python”

  1. RumikXxeno Avatar

    Maybe dumb question but is this tutorial (for Python 3.4) compatible with actual version (3.6.2)?

  2. Yeral Emmanuel Tejada Avatar

    Fantastic tutorial, Im Dominican, I was looking fo a good English course where Im able to learn a language programming at the same time improve my English skills. Kind regards from DR

  3. Zakariya Alboosh Avatar

    Is this tutorial good for beginners?

  4. Bruce Eckel Avatar

    So unfortunate that you didn't first look into how to make fonts larger, which is super easy on Windows. (Saying "make it 1089p" is a sad substitute for fixing the font size). I like your style, but I know some people will have difficulty just because of the font size.

  5. M Till Avatar

    Thank you for this series, Bucky, it really is the best! The pacing is great, the information is clear, and I especially appreciate how you speak like I speak to friends. Naming variables stuff like "buttcrack" and just being casual about your presentation makes the whole experience more enjoyable than the average dry informational video.You've more than earned a sub and this channel will definitely be one of my go-to learning resources for programming!Also, your name is cool. It reminds me of Buck Rogers.

  6. Ui Long Avatar

    You are amazing!! and you have no idea how you have changed my life with your tutorials. Million thanks !!

  7. PawanKumar Kattimani Avatar

    Hello, can u please help me out to add a class or import a class into an another program in Python using pycharm.
    Like when I write a class for stack or sorting. I want to use the stack class in another program.
    Hope u help me out by adding d video in ur channel… Thank u

  8. George Hatoutsidis Avatar

    Backy I start learning Programming because of your tutorials 5 years ago now I work as a programmer because of your Help. That time I come to learn Python and I want to Thnx You .Where are you Bro We miss you


    there is any difference between 3.4,3.5,3.6 versions of python.

  10. shaik rasool Avatar

    How is future in python

  11. John Doe Avatar

    Change resolution to 1080p and it will be crystal clear. No shit Sherlock.

  12. Arsal Rajput Avatar

    i don't want to learn python yet but i just came to check that bucky did the video for python so i can learn in future..

  13. Anshuman Shukla Avatar

    In real world to find middle term we divide it by 2 but python ??

  14. Anshuman Shukla Avatar

    Can u tell me how to find the middle term in python

  15. Ind यंग Avatar

    I'm getting problem in the installation of Python..
    Error shown:
    Window 7 Service Pack 1 and all application updates are required to install Python .

  16. Romy Kim Avatar

    Wait…. I remember watching lots of your videos maybe 2 years ago on java and android. Is this same burpin' Bucky???? I guess so. Your voice here is much more calm for the first few minutes at least. Wonder if you changed since then, or will you do the same. Either case, I'll enjoy your teachings and learn more.

  17. Celilhan Karaarslan Avatar

    You know what? I already subscribed you probably for another language but now I Unsubscribed and subscribed again.

  18. deniz alan Avatar

    I have the Python 3.6.1 would it be problem if I watch the tutorials and work on this patch ?

  19. Nic Long Avatar

    I'm soooo excited to learn Python! Im new to coding, and the only language i know is batch, with a little vbs. This felt like the next best step for me, considering i dont have access to C++.

  20. Bugs Bunny Avatar

    The Python3.61 version is not working on my computer wht should i do ….

  21. Avinash Mayani Avatar

    sir there is a problem occuring in installation so what should i do??

  22. Tahsin Gaming Avatar

    Is there any difference between python 3.6.1 and python 3.4.1?

  23. the wheelers world Avatar

    java or python or c++ which one is better for social networking site development

  24. Shaun TV Avatar

    Anybody remembers when he got lost in the forest and almost died?

  25. ManOFSteel Avatar

    came here after completing Bucky's java beginners tutorial!

  26. Diego Davalos Avatar

    Can this tutorial work this 3.6

  27. TomTom Gao Avatar

    At last I have found a tutorial that makes sense to self-learning purposes. Many tutorials just starts right away with 'interpreter'. Well guess there is not a single thing in the installation package called 'interpreter'. Many tutorials are not clear on how to setup PATH either.

  28. Control Code Avatar

    which screen recorder u r using ??

  29. Brijith VB Avatar

    Thanks, that was awesome..

  30. Asif Avatar

    start learn from today ….. wish me luck

  31. Mahendra Singh Avatar

    hello sir* please explain about python for bioinfomatics

  32. Edggir Avatar

    This is the best tuto on earth not the uni, I have a friend who's from outside the milkway his name pzpiuzpau and he told they have a better tuto

  33. Sachin Kamath Avatar

    I have MTNL at 1mbps speed and i can run this on 1080p. Acche din aa gaye 🙂

  34. omeshwar behera Avatar

    please provide numpy,sciPY and pandas tutorials aswell…most people may need it

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