Python Programming Tutorial – 2 – Numbers and Math

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29 responses to “Python Programming Tutorial – 2 – Numbers and Math”

  1. GROWLER100 Avatar

    can someone explain why in python : 3 * 4 + 5 – 6 / 2 = 14 thanks

  2. ijam4free Avatar

    "wam bam thank you mam"

  3. Gerald Ellis Avatar

    bacon bacon bacon

  4. Troy van Westen Avatar

    lol 4:17 dat voicecrack tho

  5. weeaboo neet Avatar

    Can I divide by zero?

  6. Zog Avatar

    "wham bam thank you mam'" lmfao

  7. Anil Persaud Avatar

    Wham bam thank you ma'am lol

  8. BoyNext Door Avatar

    @buckyroberts @thenewboston i have something to ask, if im going to assign all the module name and the function name in a one variable so i can save alot of effort, is it okay? thus they're any kind of conflict? Thanks in advance. Hope you have a Q/A threads

  9. BrainToMush Avatar

    Great tutorials! Thanks!

  10. Ankit Rautela Avatar

    -5**4 would be 625 not -625 we will have to write (-5)**4 for 625(actual answer )

  11. Bharat Gupta Avatar

    -5**4 would be 625 or -625?

  12. Ali Rafie Avatar

    Holy f*** i tried learning C first, Python is is child's play compared to C

  13. Jaheim Bain Avatar

    Thanks really helped!!!!!!!!

  14. durmus yılmaz Avatar

    what is the meanin of 12^2
    answer is 14

    another example is 9^1 = 8

  15. Rex San Avatar

    -5*4=-625 but -5-5*-5*-5=625 …… ?????

  16. AFei Lee Avatar

    seems this stuff is more boring than c++

  17. CodeDen 20 Avatar

    If your using python 3.5.1 you will get an error : SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'
    So What you have to so is put the string as a argument for print() ———— print("Hello, World")

  18. Subhankar Roy Avatar

    At 4:43 – Wham bam thank you man! 😀

  19. Joshua Ferrill Avatar

    divisor not dinominator

  20. Yingyang Avatar

    You should put a parenthesis on (-625)**4 so that the answer will be positive.

  21. lakshmi Paspula Avatar

    i cant execute programme telling that paranthess to call from print what does it mean……….

  22. Nathan Dlima Avatar

    In python 3.x, integer divisions do give a float value!!

  23. Joey Mizrahi Avatar

    does anyone know how i can remove python 2.7.11
    it isnt working

  24. TopColumn Avatar

    Your voice is so soothing

  25. Veer Lade Avatar

    Hello, -8*-8 should be 64 right..but why is the output negative 64??

  26. Ryan Avatar

    You're always so clear and distinct. I can't thank you enough.

  27. Mr. Clottom Avatar

    like most calculators python cant calculate negative numbers properly negative number to the power of even number has a positive result

  28. letsroll Avatar

    @thenewboston could i do a 10 min interview on how youve used python at your job if you do? i need to do an interview for advice, warnings, or just find out more about what you guys do with this language, no personal info will be collected unless wanted

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