Python Programming Tutorial – 3 – Strings

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31 responses to “Python Programming Tutorial – 3 – Strings”

  1. autumn sanders Avatar

    this is so great. Im taking a python class but my teacher doesnt go too in depth into the material and these videos are a lifesaver

  2. Bradie McGuire Avatar

    I'm glad I can save time the next time I want to print out my name 100 times in a row. 🙂

  3. WA SD Avatar

    Nice vid ever subbed

  4. Asfand Ali Avatar

    I don't have colors in code ? why ?

  5. It'sYaBoiMason Avatar

    I put firstName= 5 but nothing came up it just showed >>> on the next line i'm i doing something wrong

  6. Bradley Ford Smith Avatar

    What part of the cow is the meatloaf from?

  7. SuHi AhAmEd Avatar

    Why does my "firstname * 5 " doesn't have space in between when it is being printed?

  8. Andrewboy159 Avatar

    I'm just thinking about all the kids who are too young for all these strings that he's making… I'm sorry

  9. Ty Ler Avatar

    This is my first time seeing this guys tutorials. I'm definitely learning more than what the video title applies.

    "I don't think she's 18"

    Im getting some awkward vibes with this guy.

  10. dhwani s Avatar

    hey now brown cow

  11. Ani Kotwal Avatar

    when i use that
    firstname*3,its gives me xyzxyzxyz how to make space between them? plz someone tell me

  12. Jaron W Avatar

    No no I want my nude pics not my ude pics
    -Bucky Roberts

  13. Puneet Singh Avatar

    can someone show me how to print
    He said, "The movies are at the location cjohnnew movies"

  14. Thumurouthu Jayasurya Viswanath Avatar

    Hey i have a doubt in here!!…When you are adding the strings….You gave the command like >>>first name ="Bucky"….>>>firstname +"roberts"….I expected like "Bucky roberts" … but u have ' Bucky roberts' … ' ' and " " does these change the outputs?

  15. alexedeigba Avatar

    Dude, you just made using python easy for me.

  16. Jake Ambrose Avatar

    ok seriously how is any one watching this i cant even see the text

  17. smart king Avatar

    how to print >>>HE SAID "YOU CAN'T TYPE THIS"

  18. But It's The Cotton Hat Avatar

    "Hey now, brown cow" – Bucky Roberts 2017

  19. urban rider Avatar

    why the fuck you don't maximize your screen
    its so irritating

  20. Helping Hand Avatar

    how can i print
    i don't think that c:/dekstop/nudePics is correct

  21. Mohd Rashed Avatar

    I want to get output: she said,"it's over"
    how can i do that?
    if I type 'she said,"it's over" ' then it also gives the in output
    please help

  22. Zhi Yin Avatar

    What if a="desktopnude" and I want to print(a)?

  23. atul singh Avatar

    help me with this error:

    //variables (python 3.6.1 shell)

    g = input ("enter your number : ")
    enter your number : 55
    >>> g + 5

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "<pyshell#55>", line 1, in <module>
    g + 5
    TypeError: must be str, not int

  24. Manav Shah Avatar

    does any one have the source codes for all his python tutorials?

  25. SDF DF Avatar

    why not max the script window?I think this is a bad thing!

  26. Nitin Nair Avatar

    print(r'c:don't eat chocolatenitin')

    output is – c:don't eat chocolatenitin

    How to remove of don't from output?

  27. Ronny Charles Avatar

    Bad video quality by full screen

  28. chao sui Avatar

    the word is too small to read

  29. SheepEditionStream Avatar

    I'm having problems writing:
    'Mary said, "I don't like food"'

    it keeps outputting:
    'Mary said, "I don't like food"'

    it won't remove the backslash. How would I code it to remove the backslash

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