Python Programming Tutorial – 45 – Getting Individual Channels

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12 responses to “Python Programming Tutorial – 45 – Getting Individual Channels”

  1. Konstantin Pavlov Avatar

    I just got 3 identical black-and-white images 🙁

    r, g, b = img.split()

  2. John Canniff Avatar

    the first color photos were taken with three b&w exposures with RGB color filters. then recombined for a color image.

  3. Mondreus313 Avatar

    Are these temporary image files automatically removed when the program closes, or should we be deleting them ourselves?

  4. Abdulrahman Zaher Avatar

    didn't work. Hmmmmm. This is wierd. Like the 5th thing that i try the exact same thing and doesnt work(including 2 mini projects). is it because i have 3.6.1?

  5. James Collins Avatar

    your sister is fine AF …

  6. Alex H Avatar

    when i printed the mode for one of the images I was using it just gave me 'p'…. anyone know why? It was a full color image of the success baby meme :')

  7. Ben Dominguez Avatar

    15,000 views and 50 likes. haha. C'mon guys!!

  8. Dark Seid Avatar

    Why didn't you just use a for loop @ the end? Just sayin'

  9. Imran Nanton Avatar

    Lol edit photos on the go with just a few lines of code 

  10. Dante C Avatar

    Python is a weird programming language.

  11. TheOIku Avatar

    Photshop tutorial*

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