Q&A #5: The History of p5.js and Processing

In this Creative Coding Q&A, I discuss the Processing Foundation and a brief history of its core software projects p5.js. Have you ever wondered why the “p” in p5 is lowercase?

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Processing Foundation:
Processing 3 Debugger video:

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9 responses to “Q&A #5: The History of p5.js and Processing”

  1. Kenneth Sherwood Avatar

    Is there a video comparing p5.js and Processing? It's alluded to / promised here. I have some familiarity with Processing; seeking a clear sense of what's involved in adapting that (and the great resources I have including books by Shiffman and Reas) to p5.js.

  2. Lisa Lukianova Avatar

    why python more popular then processing?

  3. Richard Brown Avatar

    Really enjoyed listening to this. You mentioned a Kadenze interview with Lauren, is it this one? https://blog.kadenze.com/2016/08/25/lauren-mccarthy-artist-month/

  4. Herbalninja Avatar

    The views on these videos may be small, but trust me it helps a lot of people, I really hope you don't stop making these videos, I week ago I never know I could code things like this. P5.js changed my way of looking at code. GG

  5. Thin Soldier Avatar

    Dammit. Why does this crap creep into every unrelated discussion? While diversity and noob-friendliness is all well and good, it is not a sensible REASON for the lowercase P. If lmccart had at least said something that made relevant sense regarding "P" and *then* added on the rest of the standard social justice warrior academic spiel it wouldn't be so infuriating.

    How does a logical de-factor standard of capitalizing constructor functions EXCLUDE anyone? Every blind client I've worked with can find the shift key. Every client with Parkinson's I've worked with or with a hand injury has figured out how to activate and use sticky-keys without my help.

    "…and backgrounds and genders and etcetera"

    Were you or lmccart implying that there are men or women out there who cannot press a damned shift key because they are a man or because they are a woman?

  6. Paulo Ferreira Avatar

    Great, I'm very enthusiast with processing language, and although I know about processing history it was funny to watch this video, but the history behind the name p5 and the philosophy of the community I didn't know. thanks for this information Mr. Shiffman.

  7. Tare Avatar

    This was very informative video and I enjoyed it. About a month ago I was searching for videos in Youtube about evolutionary/genetic algorithms and I happened watch some videos from this channel. Instantly I was intrested in this new programming language (p5) and decided to start learning it. To my surprise it was very easy to pick up (my previous experience is about 6 months of Python) and start to create my own projects. I'm interested in creating visual demonstrations of simple systems and now it's really easy to share my creations with my friends as it's possible to run js on about any modern browser.

  8. Floppy52 Avatar

    Is any chance you will be doing any videos of processing inside java, kinda like the coding challanges in p5.js

  9. LagartixaProductions Avatar

    Dan you way better with long hair

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