Q&A #7.1: Comparing p5.js and Processing – Part 1

In this three part Q&A, I discuss differences between p5.js and Processing. In this first video, I focus on the underlying languages of each project (Java and JavaScript).

Part 2:
Part 3:

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36 responses to “Q&A #7.1: Comparing p5.js and Processing – Part 1”

  1. Bisofication Avatar

    Is it possible to write code using processing without its own editor. I'm having issues with it. Every time I click the run "play" button my machine freezes :

  2. William Macleod Avatar

    What ever question I have, you've made a video for it. LOL good stuff

  3. Anson Mansfield Avatar

    Modern browsers all run JIT compilers on Javascript and in many ways Javascript is one of the fastest languages in existence beyond C or C++ right now.

  4. Marco Turetta Avatar

    okay, let's skip parenthesis for a while: What about scheme or lisp, or clojure?

  5. oasis9481 Avatar

    how do I write code on a toaster?

  6. Daniel Szwimer Avatar

    processing is unusable on high definition screens due to a scaling problem..

  7. jayesh sawant Avatar

    Hey Daniel! I have been watching your videos awhile and I really love them! Are you thinking of doing one more Processing playlist which will be more in depth about it? Congrats for 200k subscribers!

  8. AL3Z Avatar

    what coding language do you think is good to learn? and if you can explain me why it would be great .

  9. GoofyMemes Avatar

    can you make a tutorial to make a 3d game?
    some thing like this https://gfycat.com/FirsthandAdorableArawana

  10. MasterFlamaster Avatar

    i use notepad++ for js

  11. Grizzlycougar Avatar

    Thank you, wanted a video on this, great stuff gonna check out P5 for sure

  12. Gino Gino Pilotino Avatar

    I forgot .. You're my hero! like superman && pizza

  13. Gino Gino Pilotino Avatar

    Hey man! How many languages ​​do you know? Ciao from Rome!!

  14. Sheilfer Zepeda Avatar

    Thanks for these videos Dan. I just recently learned Java more thoroughly and was excited to go a little more in depth with the whole Processing environments. It's a really awesome feeling when things start to make more sense.

  15. Admiral Coby Avatar

    I just got your book! I love it so far, way better than the dry books I have for my classes it's a fun read.

  16. Marcelo Pereira Avatar

    Hello Dan, thank you for this nice video!
    What happened to the processing.js library? Is it still useful after the p5 release?

  17. Kaushik Sharma Avatar

    Please do more tutorials on Processing.

  18. Alexandrescu Bogdan Avatar

    Why p5 editor was deprecated?

  19. Goel Avatar

    The web editor is actually available: http://p5ide.herokuapp.com/editor
    Please like so others can see (including Dan)

  20. Husnu Coban Avatar

    i want to learn coding
    i don't want to code as a job
    i don't want to learn it for nothing.

    what should i do?

  21. Prankjobs Avatar

    Can someone tell me which language this is? It's used in notepad
    action=Click OK to Run

    @echo off
    :: variables
    SET odrive=%odrive:~0,2%
    set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d / CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments(0) & """", 0, False

  22. seccopower Avatar

    cool!! but what is that wood thing that makes the train sound?

  23. DerClaudius Avatar

    Aw, dude.. you go on too many tangents… the questions wasn't about the difference betweeen java and javascript or the history… and in part two you want to talk about syntax? That's again missing the topic.
    Don't go so much into these neighboring questions.
    What is the difference between p5.js and Processing? Which graphics operation can you do with both and are there diffrences how you do them? What can you only do with p5.js and what can you only do with processing? That is the question

  24. kranser Avatar

    Great video – thanks Dan! This video helped with some of the differences between Processing and p5. Some things still confuse me though – I downloaded processing and it seems to have an editor that supports both p5 and processing – so I guess this is a substitute to waiting for the web-only editor – is that correct?
    Also, is there a way to convert a program between Processing and P5, or do you really need to design the program from the beginning to use the required environment?
    As p5 uses web browsers, I am thinking that it would not best and handling multiple windows/forms on the screen at the same time – or am I wrong here and both Processing and p5 can handle multiple forms?
    Thanks for making such great videos!

  25. Red Blinker Avatar

    Can you do a coding challenge, where you try to make the windows bubble screensaver?:)

  26. Didgeridoo Avatar

    I really like your positivity. Thank you for always making my day a little bit brighter! 🙂

  27. Tsskyx Avatar

    The transition from p5 to pure js wasn't smooth for me, but it helped me understand how webpages work a bit more. I think I'll now learn jQuery or something. I still use p5 for the more complicated things. For example, it's rather confusing to work with canvas and mouse/keyboard inputs in pure js. The p5 library is making these things really easy though.

  28. Kai Avatar

    I'm one of these people who don't like Java at all. Too many bad experiences.
    Usually I highly prefer C++ because it does EXACTLY what you type in, unlike Java which does tons of things in the background. It's deleting my variables I want to delete myself (they are mine, not JVM's ;)). It's hard to say in which case a pointer is given to a function and when the actual object is. I see that especially graphical applications are a lot more difficult to write in C++, but there's a point when these applications start to need performance. Now Java is finally out.
    The portability is not a point today, I think. There are compilers for every environment, and microelectronics/IoT uses C, BASIC 🙁 and Assembler anyways.
    The Processing project is slightly different. It's a good way to try out things and (stupid) ideas, perfectly suited for "Natur of Code"-like projects. On the other hand, that's not my speciality, but definatly yours, Dan!

  29. Why name it Avatar

    Thanks, Dan. The full 2h video was a bit intimidating. Congrats on 200k subscribers by the way! The growth is insane, but totally deserved.

  30. Paolo Ferdinand Manaloto Avatar

    Never been this early. Need something to say funny.

  31. Nola1222 Avatar

    Fourth comment YES
    Btw i finished your discord i said yesterday in your livechat of your livestream. So i'm done with the discord chat. So here is the invite link for the people who want to join. It will be nice if you mention it in a video and or in your twitter so the community on discord can grow. You can join too it if you want. https://discord.gg/cDxrfDz
    Like this comment so more people will see the invite link!
    I also tweeted this at you so you can also see it there…

  32. Bhaskar Bhardwaj Avatar

    Third comment! That's awesome!

  33. Kumartheffar Avatar

    2:00 I focused way too hard at the "I like turtles comment"

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