Q&A: Can I Use a PC for iPhone App Development?

Lots of people wonder if they can develop iPhone apps on Windows. Well todays Q&A is: Can I use a PC with Windows to build iOS apps? We’ll answer that question in this video and look at what solutions there are for PC users.

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19 responses to “Q&A: Can I Use a PC for iPhone App Development?”

  1. KostaKidon Avatar

    Just dual boot Linux

  2. Jerr Bear Avatar

    You could always run a VM

  3. anonymous guyz Avatar

    are there any solutions other than virtualisation

  4. TechHub Avatar

    You can also build a hackintosh to use Xcode and other mac exclusive apps
    (i do not highly recommend this since you are prone to software and hardware failures and you are violating apples EULA)

  5. AndroidCodex Avatar

    If I use VM and emulator, can I submit my apps to app store?
    I have enough RAM (16GB) to run VM smoothly.

  6. karchess Avatar

    Excellent summary, i have one question though

    If i buy a mac os X with 2gb running 10.6.8, 1.83 ghz,

    i have read it will not work cause the specs are just too low, and i cant install the latest version of xcode, also i cant run a newer OS like mavericks

    Is this accurate or i could use that old mac to build and publish an APP in ios

    Please let me know in order to know if i should buy that old mac

    best regards

  7. Cydia Zaza Avatar

    I am your 60k subscriber!!!!

  8. Vannak Ny Avatar

    Thank you very helpful

  9. Ben Walker Avatar

    If you use phone gap, don't you still need XCode in order to submit the app to the app store?

  10. TheMetroKnight Avatar

    this is a good video but there are many people around the world using android devices and therefore deploy on android devices lol until you get a mac or wanna focus your development on iphone applications.

  11. Chuy Medina Avatar

    You can also install a virtual Mac OSx machine in windows. Just make sure you`re packing some serious RAM.

  12. Tim Cook Avatar

    Actually you can use Theos to build apps, preferenceBundles, Tweaks, etc… on OS X, Windows, Linux and iOS(iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)

  13. Renaud Chine Avatar

    Thanks a lot Chris.

    About using a PC, there is another way : "Hackintosh". It's working fine, I use an old Dell M4400 with Yosemite on it and I get XCode, and all the things I need for coding. Of course at the beginning it's a bit touchy (keyboard mapping for example) but it's a huge amount of money saved. I started building a virtual machin but it's too much limited.

  14. Denaltheclone Avatar

    Just a suggestion: Don't use macincloud.com! I tried them, and couldn't get anything done. It works, but it lags to the point where it is unusable, as in like 3 fps.

  15. RyoDaFish Avatar

    Wait, a Mac computer or a Mac laptop?

  16. Ole Frehr Avatar

    Do you have any knowledge about Adobe Flash (like Flash Pro CS6) as a tool for making iOS applications?
    I know how to code using AS3 and Flash and would like to use this knowledge to build apps, instead of starting to learn xCode. 😉
    Thank you for all the great videos!

  17. Kueedos Avatar

    I would not remotely connect to a Mac to develop an app, let's say it becomes viral for a reason and you developed it on one of their Mac's, if they really want, they could sue you and try to get a percentage of your profits, no?

  18. keewee23 Avatar

    I'm a student on http://codewithchris.com, and after 2 and a half months (5-6 hours daily, w/o weekends) i have 12-15 finished practice apps (and 120 project folders) and you know what, i also have a job interview for iOS development next monday based on my practice apps, wish me luck 🙂 and thank you chris for taking me so fast into swift, without you no way that interview could happened so fast. And almost forgot, i don't have a mac 🙂

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