Q&A: I Have an App Idea But I Don’t Know Where To Start

Another common question from people who aren’t sure how to start their app programming journey!

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13 responses to “Q&A: I Have an App Idea But I Don’t Know Where To Start”

  1. Jonathan 6 X Avatar

    I'm not sure how to code but I do have some app ideas not sure where to start or what site.

  2. Daniel Vertiz Avatar

    wow literally only about learning code and didnt talk about how to start the process…

  3. Ruben Tadios Avatar

    i have an idea but i dont know how to code..

  4. Leon Avatar

    you didnt answer the question WERE SHOULD WE START!!!

  5. Daniel Simonsen Avatar

    But how to find images to se in you app?

  6. Marco Villasmil Avatar

    Hey Chris. thank you for making these awesome videos. I have 1 question: how far would 1 hour a day learning how to code get me in about 6 months? or in how much time would I be able to see results  (understanding, creating apps, etc.)

  7. M Dale Avatar

    Hey +Code With Chris how can I put my app on my iPhone for free as demoed with Xcode 7? I just installed the Xcode 7 beta and was wondering if or how I would be able to test the app on my device.

  8. Nami Noor Avatar

    I downloaded Accelerator, is it possible to have an iphone simulator with a windows computer?

  9. Nami Noor Avatar

    Hi, I wan't to make an app but it won't be a game. It will just be a page with information and pictures on it. How do I make a document for the app store?
    P.S. I don't think it will require any coding its just words and pictures. Just I don't know if I have to type it on a specific page.

  10. KKK 1 Avatar

    I know how to code but i don't have an app idea.

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