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I thought it would be fun to make a real app in this Qt Tutorial, so I made a working Notepad app. We’ll install Qt for Windows and MacOS. Then we’ll cover Qt Basics, Dialogs, Widgets, Drag and Drop Interfaces, Creating / Opening / Saving Files, Menus, Toolbars, Icons, Printing, and much more.

Qt is an amazing framework for creating cross platform C++ GUI applications.






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  1. Exodus Avatar

    Hello Derek 🙂 I have a couple of questions that I've foune answers to, but I got confused.
    1- Different ways to instantiate a class.

    For example, suppose that we have a class called Ui, when should I instantiate it using pointers and new? Ui* p = new Ui(_passing normal arguments_ ) ;
    Then, why should we delete it using delete p?? What happens?

    2- The & reference operator.
    When we're cycling through a vector, why sometimes we include the & in the loop? Example, for(int& x:vector)? And I even saw && double reference operator.

    3-What exactly is a deconstructor? Why should we use one? I really didn't get the point of it, freeing resources.

    Honestly, every thing in C++ seems understandable, except for pointers, they are my biggest drawback.
    Thank you Derek :), I seriously hope that wasn't too much.

  2. Robson Silva Avatar

    OMG! Will be a Qt playlist?

  3. Frits van Doorn Avatar

    This is a true Derek Banas instructional video! In 2015 I did a project with Qt and C++ but then I did not had the Qt IDE available to use. It was an automatic control loop to verify the functioning of pressure transducers. My collegues all went on a Qt course, but on assigning parts of the project they discovered that they were one man short so they asked me. But I had not followed the Qt course. I read a book and just started using it and I finished the project with full satisfaction. I recently discovered that I used a lot the Facade Design Pattern to simplify the Qt calls. Guess where I learned to bring Design Patterns to practice. Thanks for the extra fun you bring in programming to the world.

  4. Darwin Sese Avatar

    Wow! I make this series! ☺

  5. J F Avatar

    I wanted to get one and found out they were launching in the UK this Autumn 2018, An update would be good

  6. Jeff's Athlean Buttcrack Avatar

    Exactly what I was looking for

  7. homayoun shokri Avatar

    Really love your videos

  8. Ozzy jak Avatar

    you rocks, hope you will get 1 million subscribers soon as you deserve.

  9. Aspect Avatar

    What do you think of SFML? Is there a usecase for that? For games I personally think it's not very good as we have UE4 but is there anything else I could work using that?

  10. Đorđe Milanović Avatar

    Can you make some video similar to this for building apps for Android? Maybe game Connect 4

  11. Dev Habit Avatar

    Great job,Thanks

  12. J F Avatar

    How is the Peloton Cycle working out for you

  13. SalmonSeasoning Avatar

    Great tutorial but I'd personally like to see a basic app being made using Visual Studio or Netbeans and the GLFW library (which for some reason really likes to have Vulkan included as well).

  14. stride630 Avatar

    Are you finished making the C++ tutorial?

  15. AmateurPT Avatar

    Does this replace swift if i'm trying to make an App for IOS?

  16. Otto Cheley Avatar

    Why don't you upload your code on github?

  17. Umair Muhammad Abbas Avatar

    Can you make simple antivirus with c++ or python 3?

  18. Stephen Avatar

    It's pronounced 'cute'.

  19. Shanene Larissa Avatar

    i remember having done a simple calculator in QT for python a few years ago. the code was very disgusting and there was no GUI, but it worked 🙂

  20. Bell Coutinho Avatar

    What is the name of this color scheme?

  21. Ronan Daly Avatar

    Thank you for your hard work…… If it was not for youtube tutorials like yours I would have never had the confidence to learn programming

  22. Todani Luvhengo Avatar

    A video on Qt! Is this a dream!? Nope not a dream … pain is real. Musta woken up a week early, full series starting next week!!!? 😉

  23. Anurag Tripathi Avatar

    What is your Profession?

  24. preeti tripathi Avatar

    Thanks Derek for the Video,Which video you will be creating Next?

  25. Exodus Avatar


  26. ashmeet kaur Avatar

    What are the prerequisites for watching this tutorial?

  27. vdM Avatar

    thanks man

  28. Akagami Ng Avatar

    Your experience and skill-sets are unparalleled(I'd go as far as to say you're even more experienced, if not as good as Bucky Roberts from thenewboston). I wish and aim to be as good as you in the future. I wanna learn more from you!

    Thanks for the video!

  29. ENGINEER R.J. Avatar

    I Appreciate your HARD work brother……your tutorials are AWESOME as always. Can u make videos related to DATA Science??

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