Quick Dreamy Effect In Photoshop – Tutorial

This quick tutorial covers how to create a quick dreamy effect in Photoshop.

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26 responses to “Quick Dreamy Effect In Photoshop – Tutorial”

  1. maick GX Avatar

    https://pixabay.com this page is very cool for download imagens in HD

  2. danny singh Avatar

    sir i dont have a full version photoshop could you help me please

  3. Ismail Tuncel Avatar

    Finally Some1 who thinks the same way as me using PhotoShop …
    This brings more inspiration …

  4. JH YOO Avatar

    so simple!! good!!

  5. DoomProGaming Avatar

    Are you actually the official channel of Adobe?

  6. ASK Games Avatar

    lighting effect ^^

  7. TheGoodGuy Avatar

    dude you are helping me alot thanks 

  8. LHDesigns Avatar

    When i add the blur, the option for me to access the blending options bit isnt there?

  9. Osama Al-Moghrabi Avatar

    this is the best  channel i have ever gone  through 
    good job 

  10. Barroco Studio Avatar

    The Best….! period.

  11. Jackson Hobbs Avatar

    Hey where do you get your pictures you use to edit with

  12. Glen Valladares Avatar

    super cool thanks =D

  13. VFX Cinema™ Avatar

    wow man i love your tutorials!
    you are a pro!

  14. Mariusz K. Avatar

    Thank you, one of the best Photoshop channels on YT

  15. Doina Vlaico Avatar

    Perfect… easily understood, great effect, free image included.

  16. Blank Avatar

    Thanks for the video. I learned that smart objects are more useful than I thought. I usually only used them for color corrections and animations, but now that I know filters work differently on smart objects, ill be using them a lot more often now when im using filters.

    This is why I like your channel! Keep making awesome tutorials!

  17. Javier Lukarelly Avatar

    Estupendo tutorial . Gracias .

  18. Roro Meme Avatar

    guys Subscribe to this channel it's worth it Thank you and I wish you good Luck. keep up the good work  🙂

  19. erickroav Avatar

     LIKE..:) effect tutorial cat man.please


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