R Programming Tutorial – 3 – How to Run a Simple Program

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14 responses to “R Programming Tutorial – 3 – How to Run a Simple Program”

  1. Monkeyradar Avatar

    It's a little bit tough to watch videos and use R studio simultaneously if the video is in full screen.

  2. Youssef Samwel Avatar

    it's like python but way easier

  3. Eric Chen Avatar

    Hi thanks for the amazing tutorial. I've wondered could you record lectures using full screen? It would be much more better!

  4. Inoqut Kristensen Avatar

    Thumbs up for anyone who miss Megan

  5. puru Avatar

    Oh so this is the language my statistics professor has been using to do simple calculations instead of fucking using a simple calculator.

    Both lazy and stupid, he was.

  6. Bang Duck Avatar

    Bucky, careful what you say about the Umbrella Corp.

  7. Bogdan BBA Avatar

    You, dear author, are terrible at explaining things. Simply having knowledge of programming concepts and experience in many languages does not implicitly make you fit to teach. You seem like the kind of guy who'll say "well if you don't like it, just don't watch my videos", and that's something I can't argue with; but if you really want to provide actually useful educational videos for novices, like you claim to, you should try scripting your lessons and using clear terms and proper formulations of words, because – believe it or not – expressions like "that little asterisk above the eight" isn't going to help (it isn't targeting) the type of viewer interested in this kind of topic.

  8. RDYS Avatar

    Phreaked me out … this is the first one I watched (Just looking to see what it's about) But when I went to the full screen, you have the same background I'm using and I couldn't figure out how that part of your screen was transparent. Dummie me.. finally figured it out when I saw your icons on the left. Anyway it was a hoot. Good tut by the way. Thanks will check out the rest now.

  9. whitem0use Avatar

    You should do tutorials on Lua. I've a very basic knowledge of it, but it's very fun to script things with it.

  10. David L Avatar

    Bukkie is really busy these days, keep up the good work brother

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