R Programming Tutorial – 6 – Working with Dates

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10 responses to “R Programming Tutorial – 6 – Working with Dates”

  1. Anukool Srivastava Avatar

    expected mote on date class!

  2. dan dudas Avatar

    sorry, I´ve just tried the as.Date funktion but it doesn´t work at all. I put above tuna<-as.Date("2017-06-13") + class("tuna") and I obtain the same in the console.

  3. Cam cole Avatar

    why isn't ham numeric if you assigned it a number ?


    I downloaded it but it keeps on showing object not found

  5. mosgba Avatar

    "Bucky Roberts" is 12 characters

    where is the extra one coming from ? i tried that with another string it seems to add one character every time. is it counting space as well ?

  6. Ikram sghaier Avatar

    i have a problem in converting mu data frame (DF) to ts in purpose to do some time course cruves :/ any one have ideas ??!!! thanks for the tutorial

  7. Tomas Hujo Avatar

    ehm.. could be a bit more comprehensive then this….

  8. Tucker Shelton Avatar

    Finally… freaking awesome… been hunting for weeks. Thank you.

  9. Hey Avatar

    Very helpful tutorials and slow paced which is perfect for beginners.

    Thank you!

    P.S. Why you use spaces all the time?

  10. فهد العتيبي Avatar

    hi i have an important question, which programming languages do you suggest us to learn. i am computer science student.

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