R Programming Tutorial

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In this one tutorial I will cover the basic syntax of the R programming language as well as provide numerous examples on plotting and statistical analysis. R is widely considered to be the best language for statistical analysis and data mining. R makes it extremely easy to perform numerous complex calculations with ease and its plotting system is second to none.

00:40 Installation
02:14 R Studio Setup
04:12 Fun Example
09:57 Assignment
10:22 Variables
10:37 Data Types
13:33 Arithmetic Operators
14:59 Vectors
20:17 Relational Operators
22:15 Logical Operators
23:00 If
24:04 Switch
25:34 Strings
29:45 Factors
32:15 Data Frames
36:00 Repeat
36:43 While
37:54 For
38:43 Matrices
43:03 Arrays
44:22 Functions
48:44 Anonymous Functions
49:29 Closures
51:30 Exception Handling
53:11 File I/O
58:29 Plotting
1:08:14 Math Functions
1:11:18 Random Numbers
1:12:18 Pie Charts
1:17:56 Bar Charts
1:20:12 Regression Analysis






23 responses to “R Programming Tutorial”

  1. Rom3ocrash Avatar

    lol man 2 days ago i was searching for a video about r on your channel xD

  2. Abrar Iqbal Avatar

    Whenever I want to learn something related to programming languages, always found your videos content wise and quality wise so much useful and remarkable. I'm covering the game tutorials, made space invaders, it was an remarkable project. I was searching that what is data mining and started to think will Derek Banas made video on Data Mining after Making Legend of Zelda. And yet this thinking has become an 1:23:31all based on R programming language. I'm really thankful to you for making this video. Thank you 🙂

  3. Lyndon Tomaine Avatar

    I enjoy your all in one videos. Its a great way to recap on a language and/or get a running start on one.
    Thank you.

  4. scopestacker Avatar

    This just can't be true. I installed R yesterday because I wanted to experiment with some statistic things. 😀

  5. skaruts Avatar

    I've always been curious about R. Thanks for this. I first heard of this language from a scientist youtuber who apparently used R for sciency stuff.
    (I think it was R that he mentioned.)

  6. Dark GT Avatar

    By knowing so many programming lang , have you ever get confused when you need to switch between them, like mess the syntax with the rules from some other programming language ?

  7. Teo Avatar

    Is there anything you don't know??

  8. Abeltensor Avatar

    God I forgot how much I hate r. I've been using Julia and python a lot (and clojure of course) recently and julia is just more intuitive.

    Great video as always.

  9. Byte Aesx Avatar

    Derek for president!
    Thanks for the video!!

  10. Oladimeji James Avatar

    Hello Dereks I have been following you for a while now and you have been doing great. Can we at least see your face once. Great tutorial though.

  11. Daniel Marcial-Johnson Avatar

    Life saver! I been made to do data analysis. I was comfortable with python and num py but now we been told to switch to R. Cheers man!

  12. Sam Khan Avatar

    Thank You Sooo Much 🙂

  13. Aniket Navlur Avatar

    Load your python scripts directly into python idle using cmd


  14. Der Typ Avatar

    Just what i need 🙂

  15. Amir Alzubidy Avatar

    شكرا جزيلا

  16. Vikas Kyatannawar Avatar

    OMG R….never thought to see this tbh

  17. Ronaldo Pereira Avatar

    excellent as always

  18. Mohamed Amin Avatar

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial :))

  19. Exodus Avatar

    Hello Derek 🙂 Miss you soo much and thanks for the R tutorial. Been waiting for that a long time.

  20. allan 144 Avatar

    thanks you always do a good job…

  21. ibini Avatar

    Is this a new language.?

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