Radioactive Ghost Scene: Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

In today’s Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create an eerie radio active ghost scene using an image from the nuclear disaster in Pripyat. We will be working with free stocks, adjustment layers, gradients. We will be adding costume shadowing, lighting, lens flares and much more. This tutorial is fairly easy. It can be completed with a beginner level. I hope you enjoy.


MODEL – mjranum-stock


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39 responses to “Radioactive Ghost Scene: Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial”

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  2. aakash sharma Avatar

    Wow…what a creations and effect's use

  3. Donald Ambeau Avatar

    Great Video, I learned a lot of new ways of doing things. Thank you so much

  4. Shakib Saifi Avatar

    It is awesome & thanks for uploading it.

  5. DJ Baku Avatar

    You are awesome.

  6. Boris Iljes Avatar

    its nice,just that lantern must cast light shadow to something,for example that left board,otherwise seems little fake…

  7. GMZSHNGL Avatar

    Shadow's direction is wrong

  8. Abdou Amazigh Oubachir Avatar

    Make up your mind already, it only takes 1.7 sec or 2.1 ? xD whatever it is, I liked them and still photoshopping. Great job !

  9. GOAT REACTS Avatar

    im having trouble with the brush part instead of it focusing its making it black , why is that ?

  10. Florin Gabriel Cristea Avatar

    I am really love you dude.I have sixteen years old and I teaches of you.Please don't stop,and sorry my English I am speak only Romanian language:)))))

  11. joseph atkinson Avatar

    How get lens flare? Just asking lol

  12. joseph atkinson Avatar

    That's very very good

  13. Cz_Greg Avatar

    So scary , i like it , good job! 😀

  14. John Ramirez Avatar

    Thanks for the video! Very informative indeed

  15. Jeet Patel Avatar

    will u plz teach us like that link?

  16. Andi R Avatar

    Nice!! Can't wait to try!

  17. An Vo Avatar

    Absolutely awesome work. Thank you for sharing. Need to find the time to try this.

  18. Arjun  Sharma Avatar

    Which Photo Editing Software you are using? 🙂

  19. med Hashim Avatar

    love your video please start to talk on the video

  20. 赵达达 Avatar

    if it have the word is best

  21. L Avatar

    So good editing

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  24. Ateo Avatar

    Hey m8, your videos are awesome, and you're such a pro on PS, can you make me a 3D cool green logo with the 3D letter A in it? And if you can, I also need a better Channel Art, with my 3D green name in it, with a cool background. If you also have Skype that would be amazing.

  25. affectator Avatar

    This is the best one yet.Great Job !

  26. Amir Hossein Avatar

    So creative!I designed my fb cover photo through this tutorial.Thank you and keep doing great!

  27. CB MC Avatar

    useful, thanks

  28. Cesar Acosta Avatar

    Since 2015, I need more vídeos of yours

  29. FLIPKO Avatar

    woow soo amazing :O big LIKE

  30. Visionary Avatar

    you are the best.. best photoshop tutorial on you tube..

  31. Mark McKeown Avatar

    What does the final High Pass actually do , increase sharpness?

  32. Neko Avatar

    Genius ! 🙂

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