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Let’s get wet in this rain effect tutorial (that totally didn’t sound weird) so its pretty simple manipulation, i mean its long but not very complicated.

For the rain i am using brush. yes i know you can create rain using noise and motion blur but that just does not look very good. While brush saves time and looks much better effect.

I will use that noise and blur this though, but i will use that to provide some texture and atmosphere. That way we also don’t need to use any background image.

wut ? wut ? no background image ? wtf ? well surprise, surprise. If you use black and white gradient and some curves, you can make decent background and it actually goes pretty nice with this phtooshop effect.

For adjustments i will use shadows and highlights plus some color balance and to make her wet ( sounds so wrong) i mean to make effect look better we will add a filter, and to find out that filter watch the damn video.

If your ass is stuck somewhere while practicing, use the comment section, its not for fookin showoff… and yeah take care ^_^


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36 responses to “Rain Effect | Photo Manipulation | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Tanumoy Roy Avatar

    Love Your Voice and The Tutorial.

  2. Vaibhav Pratik Avatar

    Bhai link se Brushe Download nhi ho rhi he kese Download karen video bna kar upload karo linke ठीक से nhi khulrhi he

  3. Wimpy Avatar

    Satisfied with the brushes…

  4. Official Nightcore Music. Avatar

    When I use the quick selection for the background, I select it slowly but it always selects the whole picture.

  5. Likith liki Avatar

    I couldn't download brush es

  6. Aaryan Qureshi Avatar

    rain brush is not download can u help me for downloading brush plz

  7. The TV Fanatic Avatar

    the bit ly link for the brushes is coming up as forbidden 🙁

  8. syed fiyazuddin Avatar

    i need thr brushes

  9. Manisha Sharma Avatar

    nice and clean explanation I LIKE IT

  10. Tim van der Nol Avatar

    What is the name of the intro song?

  11. Zuleika Parejo Avatar

    oyeee cm descargo los pinceles de lluvia

  12. Bagus Kurniawan Avatar

    thanks for your tutorial

  13. Hilman Al Farissy Avatar

    thank you very mucccch

  14. Timothy Awinia Avatar

    the link takes me straight to the ali baba redirectory,help

  15. sunny singh Avatar

    Wow….Amazing But Where's the link to download the brushes?

  16. Xyoo Avatar

    Dammnnn… i love your tutorial!!

  17. Jayvn37 Avatar

    cẩu thả quá.làm thêm ít giọt nước nhỏ xuống chứ

  18. am - väsú Avatar

    its superb…keep teaching us. . .

  19. Salman Alfarisy Avatar


  20. Jose Manuel Avatar

    buenisimo tutorial gracias

  21. rukundo fabrice Avatar

    where is the link plz to download

  22. konflictmusic Avatar

    really good stuff my man! really awesome so good, can i work with you? i do music and need some promotional pictures of me and i need a mixtape cover design… do you have an email so we can talk more? cheers

  23. Stu Magnuson Avatar

    Where's the link to download the brushes???

  24. Pavel Janák Avatar

    Nice, very nice, simple and practical. Thank you.

  25. ligaya 26 Avatar

    good day. do the brushes are free to downloads?

  26. Sinem Bayrak Avatar

    So Wonderful

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