React JS / Redux Tutorial – 9 – Actions and Action Creators

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27 responses to “React JS / Redux Tutorial – 9 – Actions and Action Creators”

  1. Xing Tan Avatar

    From the way i view React and Redux, isnt it easier to write applications with jquery and manipulate its DOM? things like buttons, sliders, drop down? React and Redux seems very tedious and complex to do these things.

  2. Ian G Avatar

    thenewboston I'm watching so many tutorials on frameworks/languages and yours keep being the best ones out there!

  3. Graham Ha Avatar

    Can do onClick={this.props.selectUser.bind(null, user) instead of onClick={() => this.props.selectUser(user)}

  4. Richard Vitaliz Avatar

    Hey, Bucky, do you mind if you could make a react/redux tutorial where you handle async data and make API calls and stuff? It would make your whole react/redux series absolutely golden, sir.

  5. Michel Fontes Avatar

    What keyboard is this? I love its sound.

  6. Петър Колев Avatar

    function boomRoasted = () => {}; 😀 😀 😀

  7. Mohammed Rampurawala Avatar

    What is the difference between in return statement with parenthesis and return statement with curly braces???

  8. Cyril Chubenko Avatar

    This Redux looks like the library of some random bullshit, imo.

  9. JakobMillah Avatar

    keyParams that was previously used is nowadays called "key". Else you'll get a warning in the browser.

  10. Vijayakumar B Avatar

    simple and awesome tutorial. thanks

  11. Pachaiappan Shankar Avatar

    Its a amazing video. i am beginners,then i will learn lot…
    Thanks lot

  12. Tom D'Alba Avatar

    What does he say in the beginning? "Alrighty houses"???

  13. NewScientists Avatar

    I am not sure but I think you don't need to use dispatch, since you have used bindActionCreators in your matchDispatchToProps . Indeed you don't need to wrap it with an another dispatch, bindActionCreators is a helper that enable action creators to directly dispatch actions. So I think you can just invoke your action creator and it should automatically dispatch the action. Anyway here is what i did and it got rid of that error in the dev console:

    //Pass in our functionality as a prop to hook it up
    //Dispatch is a way of calling the function
    function matchDispatchToProps(dispatch) {
    //Connect the function
    return bindActionCreators({
    //The function selectUser is equal to the function selectUser
    //We wrote
    selectUser: selectUser
    }, dispatch)


    yeah bro! this is awesome, Thanks

  15. Justin E. Samuels Avatar

    Has to be the worst Redux tut I ever went to, jeesh

  16. Gerald Onyango Avatar

    Thank you for these videos, they helped me get started with redux. I'm working on this app and I'm wondering what the best way would be to pass multiple actions in bindactioncreators?

  17. Ian Harris Avatar

    learning so much from these videos. thanks Bucky. except every time i watch one i keep thinking of that one video where you went off on a side note and told the story about that puss-filled chicken sandwich your friend bit into. i've been unable to eat any variety of chicken sandwich from any fast food restaurant since.

  18. amir mousavie Avatar

    Thanks for your amazing tutorial, it helped me a lot, but I think it's better to use a light theme for IDE when you are recording tutorials, it will be much better to read codes. Thanks again.

  19. Dennis Tupas Avatar

    matchDispatchToProps or mapDispatchToProps ??

  20. koftunka Avatar

    Shweet, all works so far!

  21. lemelon01 Avatar

    Thank you my friend 😉 So cool!

  22. aa aa Avatar

    when I add onClick={()=> this.props.selectUser(user)} to <li> ,got error "Cannot read property 'props' of undefined" ?d41d:12 . anyone know why?thanks.

  23. Brian Jin Avatar

    you are so fkin awesome! you got me through c++ years back and now redux haahahahahah!

  24. Mr100pic Avatar

    Tomm-aye-tow || tomm-arh-toh

  25. Kino Matuguina Avatar

    this function "boom roasted"

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