React JS Tutorial for Beginners – 1 – Introduction

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39 responses to “React JS Tutorial for Beginners – 1 – Introduction”

  1. Filip Depta Avatar

    Great! I thought that I have to install npm and all that stuff. Thanks that you explained that's not necessary 🙂

  2. FinalePlay Allen Avatar

    What you did in this tutorial was simple and on point. I like that.

  3. Sanket Samant Avatar

    how to configure IDEA for React? I use IDEA 2016.1 Community Edition

  4. pritha tasmin Avatar

    u r too good…. i love u 🙂 🙂

  5. Dileep Madusanka Avatar

    waiting for tutorial 6..when you gonna release next video?

  6. Charlie van der Zwan Avatar

    Thanks for the brief explanation! Especially what i needed.

  7. Nilo de Roock Avatar

    JSX transformer has been replaced by babel.

  8. Dipankar Majumdar Avatar

    for this IntelliJ IDEA IDE necessary or i can use other IDE ?

  9. Aid Thompsin Avatar

    I long for the day when these YouTube tutorials actually show you how to build something from to start to finish, instead of 'this is an event… this is a function'.

    Really appreciate the time you're going to, to create these, but i'd imagine if you really were keen on making your mark on the Tutorial scene, it would be amazing to see something like that.

  10. John Coyne Avatar

    you rock! is a Meteor series in your queue?

  11. andrew ndotela Avatar

    i like your tutorials, keep up the good work.. and dont take long to post new stuffs

  12. Sawyer McBride Avatar

    No man just no. I am sorry but 2 minutes in to the video and you explain that react can refresh the view without reloading the page. That is not convincing at all, as to why we shoud use it, we have been doing that for years with the DOM and Jquery. If you want to explain why React is valuable you should say that is can render complex ui layouts by using a virtual dom and detecting differences between the virtual dom and the ui. This makes rendering much faster and efficient.

  13. Shivam Jaiswal Avatar

    Hello Bucky….
    Please provide more videos as your other tutorials..
    The way you teach is the best I have got from anywhere.

  14. Dilip Suthar Avatar

    bucky is awesome Boom..

  15. Mark Howard Avatar

    This video is obsolete due to the transformer being discontinued, you no longer need it if you use Babel 🙂

  16. Adrian Mihai Avatar

    Finish the series please…

  17. bhabesh saha Avatar

    please continue more

  18. edwardgregorypro Avatar

    looking forward to watching these videos. can you please place the github link to this template, in the description box? so viewers can click, download and get to it 🙂

  19. Sam Deacon Avatar

    way to tell us fuck all about react. yet you still get 179 likes vs 10 dislikes for your tuna bacon variable names.

  20. Ikke Luftfløj Avatar

    I would wait for Polymer to be official it's going to take over all these frameworks with web elements.

  21. Noah Nobody Avatar

    I'm still comfortable using jQuery and Ajax. All this new JS stuff just makes my head spin.

  22. david borja Avatar

    keep working, nice job

  23. Void Avatar

    make a python web programming series!!

  24. Nelson Chen Avatar

    Do some tutorials in React Native~

  25. P.M Me Your Kitty! Avatar

    Bucky Roberts :  "Jack of All Training Videos…Finisher of None." – SomeGuyonTheInternet

  26. Alex Titarenko Avatar

    Come on, this is 2015! You need to come up with better arguments than "not having to press refresh button" as most sites do not require you to press refresh anymore. Why would I want to use this rather than.. say jQueryor angular? So far I can see that reactjs brings performance boost by rendering only what has changed. I haven't ran into speed issues with angular so I am not convinced I should learn yet another tool

  27. TheAnubis022 Avatar

    page is completely blank with javascript disabled
    upon enabling it, page is just some static text
    webdev subhumans will defend this

  28. Jake Whitton Avatar


    I think you have a problem, man.

    I think you're addicted to leaving series unfinished…

    You don't have to be ashamed.  I have a cousin who has the same problem.  There are places that can help you.  I heard there's a place that helps heroin addicts. I would start looking there.

    Good luck fighting the good fight!


  29. AlexGhoro Avatar

    How the fuck this guy know  so much about software development!  I'm impressed

  30. R H Avatar

    I think it’s better for performance to work closer to plain javascript. jQuery can do all this, I guess it’s not as easy?! I just don’t see much purpose of angularjs, and all these. Those projects always seem to come out quite slow and often vulnerable to bugs. Too much syntax stacking.

    And also this won’t leave a functioning site without javascript. The way I design my websites with jquery, allows the site to work with/without js. Server side you’d just have one place to handle ajax and the same place would be used, via url rewrite, to feed php on page load (which allows support without js).
    It’s not really needed these days, but it seems wrong to pretend js is a must, also since when something goes wrong in js (errors) you are often left with an entirely dysfunctional site.

  31. miguel correa Avatar

    will you be covering flux!!!???!!!!! = )

  32. George Wang Avatar

    Can you please do a series on greensock

  33. Yudi Moszkowski Avatar

    Web developer vs software engineer

  34. A9 Modi Avatar

    Awesome.. was waiting for a tutorial on angularJs but here comes react. I'll take it for now.thanks bucky

  35. Jonah Kesoyan Avatar

    Are you going to do React Native tutorials too?

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