React JS Tutorials for Beginners – 3 – Components

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26 responses to “React JS Tutorials for Beginners – 3 – Components”

  1. Vamshi Krishna Avatar

    I can use one component of one html page into another pages of html please replay

  2. Chris Ridgeway Avatar

    It still kind of amazes me how much more you can do with jquery with less code. What's the true performance benefit ? it seems to me that if jquery just had a jquery-router that you'd be able to put together apps way faster than react. But hey.. I'm not gonna lie, react has me super excited and I'm going to continue to learn it and go on to learn other implementations like react-native. Thanks for showing me the way!

  3. The Shroud Avatar

    1:50, what do you mean by "since this is going to return an object, throw curly braces in there"?

  4. Bytler Avatar

    please update those videos!

  5. Alex Ignackovs Avatar

    Would be nice to have a link to the source code for each video with their amendments etc)., in some way just the way derek banas does… xD

  6. Ali Baba Avatar

    What language did you use to make your website?

  7. Prakash Dangol Avatar

    Can we not use class instead of Id? I tried using class and rendering it like I used to do in javascript but didn't work. I've just started learning react.js.
    Help me.

  8. Tejas Pashte Avatar

    New React version have changed the way components are created. Please refer this

  9. Mehar Sawhney Avatar

    I'm using Sublime text 3 and I'm not sure how to build this code. If I just save it and open it on my browser it gives me a blank page.

  10. Dale Richards Avatar

    Racking my brain here. I have copied the code here character by character and still I get this error showing up in the developer tools in Chrome:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: ReactDom is not defined
    at eval (eval at (browser.min.js:4), <anonymous>:16:1)
    at (browser.min.js:4)
    at exec (browser.min.js:4)
    at runScripts (browser.min.js:4)

    What am I doing wrong?

  11. Aakash Shah Avatar

    How do you use it on a local server? My webstorm port gives me 404. Please tell me the deployment configuration.

  12. Ankur Singh Avatar

    Drinking Game: Drink every time bucky says "component".

  13. Damilola Olagundoye Avatar

    your component name must start with a capital. instead of bacon you must use Bacon.

  14. Gabriel Agbese Avatar

    What IDE is he using

  15. Scudd Kidd Avatar

    He keeps using HTML and JSX interchangeably , which is wrong !!

  16. Feruza Beknazarova Avatar

    Hey guys how i can run my app?

  17. asit kumar Singh Avatar

    Why c++ tutorial is open on another tab?

  18. Maurice Williams Avatar

    How can I learn this shit? I don't understand anything that I am watching. I guess if watch computer videos all the time everyday I will learn something and hopefully I will learn some skills to get me a job making big money.

  19. Moshe Kerbel Avatar

    Thanks for a great tutorial!
    Could anyone explain how to setup idea to auto complete the react stuff like here in the video?

  20. Jonah Chang Avatar

    Should note this: "React's JSX uses the upper vs. lower case convention to distinguish between local component classes and HTML tags." from for 1:25

  21. Chris Kavanagh Avatar

    "It always autocompletes at the wrong time." Which is exactly why I hate IDE's, and use Text Editors instead.

  22. Ahmed Hassanien Avatar

    How to disable .idea folder in pycharm ?

  23. Yakushii Avatar

    I tried naming the class "bacon" instead of "Bacon" and it didn't work. I tested some more, and it seems that class variables have to have their first letter capitalized?

  24. Stevan Bogosavljević Avatar

    The reason you needed to refresh twice at 4:10 is because WebStorm saves the code after losing focus, so it lost focus after you clicked the first time on Chrome and saved the code, then it was saved and on the refresh we could see updated title size.

  25. amsfuy Avatar

    Awesome series! Really look forward to what I'm going to learn.

  26. Gaboik Avatar

    Man I'm watching the hell outta this series! Thanks dude 😛

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