React JS Tutorials for Beginners – 6 – Event Handling

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22 responses to “React JS Tutorials for Beginners – 6 – Event Handling”

  1. Daniel Liverant Avatar

    Using babel.js (because the browser.js is no longer supported)
    for writing a function use this syntax:
    var edit =function(){
    (or other plain old JS syntax)

    and in the HTML element use:
    <button className="button-primary" onClick={edit}>Edit</button>

  2. Mistypix Studios Avatar

    your voice is almost meditative (relaxing)

  3. sajad steven Avatar

    You make events handling so much easier to me, i love you man

  4. Vamshi Krishna Avatar

    please send any complete project to my mail id:

  5. Ibrahim Al-Khayyat Avatar

    So, he is using CSS styling(customize) and wrap them up in a className. so the question is Can I use Bootstrap to style? if so do I write bootstrap classes inside 'ClassName'?? cause I hate customizing with css really tiring and breaks my neck… PLEASE HELP!

  6. Akshay S Danthi Avatar

    So React doesn't have any special event handling features.
    This video was about using children properties, right?

  7. Pranij Shrestha Avatar

    Could I have the required js for the page ? I am not getting the results using cdn.

  8. anjali gupta Avatar

    This is throwing error on my page <Comment></Comment : browser.min.js:41 Uncaught SyntaxError: embedded: Unterminated JSX contents

    but using this <Comment /> works perfectly fine

  9. Allan Chan Avatar

    Thank you for you lesson , It is great !!!!!!

  10. Brad Smith Avatar

    very refreshing approach to this, and got me grounded from the start, much appreciated! In my case, I found that I had to change the stylesheet link to make it work, to the following:
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/src/css/main.css">

  11. Shen Shen Avatar

    Why is that the <Comment></Comment not just <Comment /> anymore?

  12. NewScientists Avatar

    I have tried courses on Udemy, Treehouse and Codeacademy. But nothing beats Bucky's tutorials. He makes it so easy to grasp that you will leave feeling like a pro. Trust me, after his Django tutorials I got a job as a Django dev.

  13. Goory Alhamed Avatar

    How to make these two buttons do their real job?

  14. Danny Sivan Avatar

    This is great!
    I feel a bit bad that I didn't liked the previous chapters, I will do it soon.
    (Edit: liked all the previous chapters as well)

    Something I hope you cover on the next tutorial is how to pass parameters to the button functions. (or maybe its just as you pass parameters before?
    cant wait to get home and try these out

  15. Eduardo in Norway Avatar

    Why don't you write pure ES6? That is what you usually do in production apps … I just don't like that "var = …" no one should do that any more in 2016, use const if you must use React.createClass, else great online teacher skills.

  16. yash mehta Avatar

    can anyone help me understand how to call a .css file in react program. Sorry I am a beginner in this

  17. Mark Leigh Sykes Avatar

    Where do I find the contents of the css and js folders?

  18. Right Brain Avatar

    zoom in a little bit…or increase the font size of your text editor

  19. harken Avatar

    So why did you go from the text identifier text/jsx to text/babel??

  20. BBQSLAP Avatar

    Did he just say hostage?

  21. Nkosikhona Sibisi Avatar

    The red "Comment" is not good for my OCD.

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