Realistic NEON Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to create a realistic neon text effect. In this Photoshop tutorial we will be focusing on. Adding a brick wall background. Then darkening it up to make it look as if it was night. Then applying a neon font. Creating a neon glow to the font. Then we’ll be working with blending options to bring out the glow. We will also create a cord to give it a more realistic look and feel.



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46 responses to “Realistic NEON Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. hwalism Avatar

    I love this kind of tutorial because I don't need to stop my music and listen to an explanation. Thanks a lot, it helped me during my final project for school!

  2. BotoCollin Avatar

    When tracing the line in the back for the "Wire" to hang on when i click "stroke path" it doesn't bring up the brush settings…anyone?

  3. Candice Gilmer Avatar

    Thanks, I needed this 🙂

  4. Recep Çakıcı Avatar

    I'm not speak ing. because but very nice

  5. Wolferex Avatar

    theres no freaking cloud in filter

  6. Sandory Chicken Avatar

    Thanks I made my outro for my latest YouTube video with this

  7. nisachon taksinamanee Avatar

    I stuck with the cord layer when I use the pen tool to draw a curvy line it's automatically make a new layer ''shape1'' so I can't select Stroke path button what should I do?

  8. Christer323 Avatar

    Really nice video, gave it a like 😀

  9. Arancia Avatar

    my "clouds" appear colored. Pls help

  10. Trayz Avatar

    Disgusting music. Raped my ears!

  11. Emily Vaudeville Avatar

    Thank you so god damned much for this!

  12. BABU BISLERI Avatar

    brilliant tutorial for beginners

  13. David Huerta Avatar

    What is another font, that you can recommend, instead of what you suggested?
    I have a different PS version and that font is not included.

  14. Vicki k Gibson Avatar

    I was interested but with NO explination, moved on…sorry, but not fun to get or learn stuff in this format!! Talk already!:)

  15. Roseanna Funnell Avatar

    Great video, very professional!
    Best one Ive ever found

  16. Suspicious G4m3r Avatar

    mine is so different from yours and everyone's =/ really god damn frustrating.

  17. Highlife Avatar

    Electrocanica medium ??? no i have

  18. H Helga Y Avatar

    Amazing! How can you keep all these in your mind 😀 looks complicated

  19. KarenE. Flores Avatar

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

  20. Aaditya Shah Avatar

    Thanks a lot! Very helpful indeed 🙂

  21. DeAnonymous96 Avatar

    that was amazing. you made it look so simple!! may God bless you

  22. B_A_FPS Avatar

    Thank you for this awesome tutorial bro!

  23. omgzac Avatar

    amazing tutorial, thanks!

  24. K3ROKO Avatar

    This was very helpful. Thanks a bunch!

  25. QuinnVsGaming Avatar

    when i click stroke path i dont get that box

  26. Alonso Sánchez Avatar

    +Photoshop Tutorials How can I modify the word without losing the effect??

  27. AMEER KHATER Avatar

    how do u get on the edit and all that? that's what I need to know

  28. LILLNILLA Avatar

    One of the easiest tutorials to follow when it comes to neon signs in PS…thanks!!
    I made it blue as u did, but can I easy change the colors, or do I have to do a new one from scratch?

  29. Sean CHAN Avatar

    I'm having a hard time at the clouds part wth

  30. Grabster Avatar

    Yes Everyone! that intro music is from Rob Dyke! Now shut the fuck up!

    Great vid btw

  31. HEMANT DUTTA Avatar

    Awesome video dude!

  32. Lloydie Avatar

    Thanks to this channel. 🙂

  33. Hitu Raaj Avatar

    I'm really impressed !! & I really wanna knw how did u design the logo which appeard in the start !!
    plz … teach … make a tutorial video of it !!
    I hope u do so 🙂

  34. Shantanu Paul Avatar

    Amazing work man! Could you please help me as im not getting the cord after deleting the path at 4 : 40.

  35. Imagine AMV Avatar

    This looks so great, thanks ^^

  36. e-biz online Avatar

    Your method of explaining each step slowly is really helpful for newbies like me, thanks a lot and keep it up.

  37. Gabriel Roganda Avatar

    How to get the fonts? pls tell me or put link download thx for reading

  38. Rogério Lopes Avatar

    Fun and easy to learn. Thank u! I'm going to make a action out of this.

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