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In this video I show you my first game I’ve ever made! If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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Download the game here –

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  1. Marcus Case Avatar

    That face is nightmare fuel

  2. TheManeOfLife Avatar

    No offense, but the character looks like a deranged rapists.

    But nice game, my fucking character wont draw unto the screen.

  3. Márk nagy22 Avatar

    Better than No Man's Sky.

  4. Piggly BucketOfChese Avatar

    Did you start out using the free version of gamemaker or the paid version

  5. Master Grey Avatar

    This Game is fine for a new entity in game maker this is what i recomened for someone new to game maker make it simple and easy it might be boring it might be dull but you will learn and learn and you will find yourself making a minecraft like game or etc.

  6. raspberry_picker39 Avatar

    my first game was drag and drop in game maker 8 following that gm8 your first game tutorial where you create bombs and fruit and you have to click on fruit to get points and if you click on bombs you get minus points but i added some Yes/no questions in it.
    my first actual game without a tutorial was actually the one after this one, still drag and drop but if i remade it with better graphics etc it could be great
    you are this one dude in a "labyrinth" and have to collect fruit and shoot junk food
    you finish the level by touching a door
    i also made a fucking boss battle back in the day, its not really a boss battle but you have to find the right hamburger and if you shoot the wrong one the screen becomes black and if any of them touch you, you go 2 levels back. i also added a save/load via drag and drop and was pretty proud of the game. the game was amazing and my friends said it was cool.
    i should really remake that game

  7. AdonisDoes Avatar

    Has great collision for a first game 😛

  8. Zach Champion Avatar

    After seeing a little gameplay, I thought that could be great if you updated the graphics and stuff.

  9. Tilde Avatar

    more story than destiny

  10. LikaBaws Avatar

    Thanks for giving me hopes! 😀

  11. TheVaultSeeker Avatar

    I can't start small…. Ever time I try it turns into so much more (at least in my mind)…. My first game is going to be so awesome, just like yours!

  12. DJ Banders Avatar

    literally one day watching your videos the whole system just came so clear! Now I can do almost anything I want and I want to thank you a lot for making these videos 😀

  13. DavidJDevelopment Avatar

    Thanks. This video gave me hope that I'll get better in making games. Also that game was pretty impressive for a first game.

  14. GlitchDetector Avatar

    I can't get past that last level, the enemy always catches me by surprise!

  15. Pete the Paper Boat Avatar

    I wanted to know how to use code. so much.. that i skipped drag and drop…

  16. Vorpal Blade Avatar

    and good game, is first:)

  17. Vorpal Blade Avatar

    reamake this game, and good game:)

  18. CT2507 Avatar

    where can we see one of your best games then?
    cheers 😉

  19. Nick Avatar

    i love your intro 😀

  20. MattThePotato Avatar

    Lol. I need to find my first game, make you feel unworthy 😛

  21. husein omerović Avatar


  22. Sloop Studios Avatar

    can you please make a game launcher with auto updater tutorial?

  23. Taylor Has Avatar

    My first ever was where you press spacebar and a ball will create a missle that flies right. As I advance I learn how to make it go all directions. Then, I make zombie shooter games where you can only shoot right and the zombies take 1 shot to kill. Then, I make the zombies have certain health. Then, pacman. Then, Platform games.Then, I learn a little 3D. then, 2D minecraft.

  24. Blueman3612 Avatar

    Can you make a sound tutorial realtuts?

  25. Hail Kira Avatar

    That is awesome man, thanks for digging that out and showing people how it all begins… shitty… lol… but you grow from there… I remember my first game I made in highschool, was made in flash or director I think it was called then… everything was hand drawn, scanned and colored on the computer, I had to write actual actionscript… it was a pain in the azz…. in the end I had a choose your own adventure rpg kinda game… from there I moved to RPG Maker, and now game maker…

  26. eunit08 Avatar

    I think I've seen a tutorial I'm that same series that you saw. Back then it was hard to find gm tutorials on YouTube.

  27. Tremor244 Avatar

    The level at 2:33 Is so unfair and impossible :/

  28. Stefan Banu Avatar

    Can you make a series in java of this game?I want to learn how to do it in java.Thanks

  29. husein omerović Avatar

    By the way, i can't find your Pixel-Bit Trials Game in android store, is it even possible to download ? Ty.

  30. Joseph Moya Avatar

    Here's an idea: Remake the game with updated graphics and features.

  31. Hans Lübeck Avatar

    Lol! I remember finding this game on YoYoGames! I did not know it was your game 😛

  32. kilerkai Avatar

    better than ghosts

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