RealTutsGML Programming Book?

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27 responses to “RealTutsGML Programming Book?”

  1. Biniscuit Avatar

    So, if it includes Multiplayer, 3D, and a bunch of other cool stuff… errrr… I have to say… YEAH.

  2. Meme-o Avatar


  3. milan cakic Avatar

    Something more about android in book would be great, no1 share much about it on youtube…

  4. Matin Avatar

    Yes thats cool idea.

  5. LegoSnapshot Avatar

    Yeah, anything to further my knowledge of game maker would be great.

  6. Tom Mason Avatar

    A book like that would be great. It would make a helpful supplement to the videos you already have and in a more structured format.

    I'm personally mainly interested in overall coverage of GML from concept to application.

    Love the videos (even non-Game Maker). Keep up the great work.

  7. Lane Lauhoff Avatar

    Make a series of books. I mean I'd pay for multiple books with your gamemaker knowledge inside of them without even thinking twice.

  8. DNJRDN Avatar

    Do this! DO THIS!!!! 😀

  9. PixleNinjaMC Avatar

    I think the book is a good idea and it should be an all rounder!! so from begginer to pro!!

  10. bloodpondstudios Avatar

    You should do in all the book easy stuff from jumping to hard stuff like 3D and stuff

  11. hojvalley Avatar

    I would like a list of all the gml codes and explanations and then some of the stuff from YouTube in there

  12. xbaroka Avatar

    i think you dont need do a book ! Youtube is better 🙂

  13. winterfkd Avatar

    I would love a book with not begginer and not advanced content. Something in the middle and growing up to advanced.

  14. Electro Avatar

    Multiplayer, and iOS dev!

  15. Jake P Avatar

    I think you should just go all out and cover beginner through advanced and ios and everything. Make it be the Game Makers Bible! lol If it covered that much I would pay $20. I think you should keep doing good tutorials on you tube as well and just let it be know that the book will be easier to refer to and could go a bit more in depth. I would like to see gml covered well so I could learn it faster instead of picking up things slowly here and there. I'll get back to you with more ideas.

  16. bradyrtb1 Avatar

    Please make this and add stuff like bitwise tile sets and things like probability.


    Beginners, with common things that people would want to know.
    Things about RPGs, maybe? I think people would love that.

  18. FurBohen Avatar

    This would help a lot do it please

  19. Dude7469 Avatar

    Hey please, do it man 🙂 I really would enjoy reading it! But eBook? Can I use eBooks on desktop Windows 7? Or could you publish a solid book too?

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