Remove or Change “Proudly Powered By WordPress”

In this video we learn how to remove or replace the proudly powered by wordpress message at the bottom of your website.






39 responses to “Remove or Change “Proudly Powered By WordPress””

  1. Happydiycan Mom Avatar

    NOW I have new website .I want add booking system .please help me . thanks

  2. Apollonia's Candles & Things Avatar

    Thanks for making this video. I couldn't figure out how to change the footer text! I got irritated and watched a few youtube tutorials until I came across this one. thanks

  3. Johnson Major Avatar

    Hi Tyler, i am using 'Photo Perfect' theme, & i can't seem to find in the 'theme footer' 'powered by WP', have i missed something?,
    not only that, is that no-one has a tutorial on that Theme, i would have liked that from you, because you Guide us in a sense of Sanity, good work..

  4. Virus Tester Avatar

    Thanks you where a great help

  5. Mathew Killer Avatar

    You are just epic man. Was fucking with this for a long while.

  6. Steven Avatar

    I came here by accident to translate it so I can find in in a different language to remove it…but I guess this works too XP

  7. Srihari Padmanabhan Avatar

    I see "Theme by Tyler Moore" in the footer. I cannot find editor under Appearance. I am using wordpress 4.2 the latest version. Please tell me how to remove it.

  8. Million Dolla Scrilla Avatar

    I stopped building websites and I had to brush up. The footer php. was a little different but I got it right. Thanks again. Do you know of any html or css books or training I could get into? Also interested in child themes

  9. Randal Ovcen Avatar

    Yep! I messed it up! I tried to be careful like you said but when I deleted two words I now have a "parse error' etc, etc at the bottom of the page. I guess all I need to do is add back in those two words and it should be okay? But…I don't know where to add them back in. Can you help. The two little words I took out are "responsive theme" HELP! 

  10. bilal amar Avatar

    how to create classifieds website in word press

  11. WordOnWheels Avatar

    well I am trying the youtube way to start with

  12. WordOnWheels Avatar

    I go to footer.php but it does not have that which you said to look for
    is there another way to remove it ?

  13. Laurice Ann Avatar

    hi Thank you so much for this tutorial. I changed my footer in  less than 2 minutes. all of your videos are awesome!!

  14. Ann Johnston Avatar

    Thank you so much for this video! Website looks a whole lot more professional now!!

  15. Quiet Corner Avatar

    I don't have Editor under Appearance.  Is that an app or does that mean I have to go through FTP?

  16. JMaximusG Avatar

    Thanks for the informational videos. :]

  17. Pkain Avatar

    Hi Tyler ! First of all thank you for your lessons ! With the normal responsive theme I can't update (save my edited footer) my footer. How can I solve this problem ? I'm using version 3.5.1

  18. Tom Malinich Avatar

    Thank you for the simple to understand instructions!

  19. elmastouri Avatar

    thank you very much for all the videos you make ,all helpful .if you don't mind to show us how to remove  "Proudly Powered By WordPress" because this method it's not working anymore, thank you very much in advance.  

  20. Farooq Ashraf Gill Avatar

    thanks # 2 for your videos :p

  21. DonlanGN Avatar

    The bottom of my site says 'A&T Services' which I made and if you click it, it just redirects you back to the website however I want to change that to something else but in my footer it doesnt have any of those words..

  22. Werner MMXV Avatar

    once again thank U

  23. Nancy Gardiner Avatar

    Thanks again Tyler. But how do I remove the word Howdy from the headed

  24. Tyler Moore Avatar

    no worries! i love you too! 🙂

  25. T0b0re Avatar

    Hey Tyler, does this update all pages or just the homepage?

  26. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks, Tammy 🙂

  27. La Sertitude Avatar

    Hey Tyler, Thanks for the video!
    You're the best 🙂
    Could you please tell me how to remove the
    " Powered by WordPress | Designed by: Enterprise Project management | Thanks to Email Hosting, Cloud Desktop and Hosted SharePoint " on "UPSTREAM THEME"?
    I tried to replace the names and the links but when I updated it my site went blue with this message saying all the links in the footer should remain the same"

  28. Tammy Raemmler Avatar

    thank you Tyler you are my hero….yes again.

  29. Joan Belmont Avatar

    Hi Tyler!!!!! PLEASE, make a video on how to remove wordpress logo from url bar and how to insert your own. Thanks! 🙂

  30. Adelinn Mayberry Avatar

    First I want to thank you for teaching me how to make my website. I had this licked and my dog hit my hand and it deleted. Now I can't it back. The copyright I mean. Can you help me?

  31. John L Avatar

    You are the best

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