Responsive Web Design Tutorial – 4 – Flexible Grid Layouts Dont Suck

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25 responses to “Responsive Web Design Tutorial – 4 – Flexible Grid Layouts Dont Suck”

  1. josh jenkins Avatar

    essentially now and days instead of using float which is horrible just use display inline-block and it will do the same thing.

  2. Jap Jap Avatar

    where to use the clear value ?

  3. Momin Parveez Avatar

    2 questions,
    <html lang="en"'> is it en or em?
    why do we need to type lang="em or en" whatever is it?

  4. qwerty asdf Avatar

    Your vids are great Buck!

  5. Daniel Geo Avatar

    Look nice, but.. if i have a website in php with a dinamic menu. 
    the menu is : <div class="button">.$row['button'].</div> ??
    This tutorial is ok for a dinamic menu? 

  6. Freelancer95 Avatar

    There are so many anime fans here…

  7. Rigel Johnston Avatar

    great tuts, been looking for something like this for a while…

  8. Jeremy Karlsson Avatar

    Using CSS flexbox is a far better technique to achieve this.

  9. Billinous Avatar

    Thanks for this series man! I tried using Bootstrap some time back, but didn't like the whole chopping and changing of the default classes to suit my custom design.

  10. youssarian91 Avatar

    Wow, I'm not sure why I never though to use percentages with margins. This will be super useful. 😀

  11. TheMorfeus2 Avatar

    sublime costs a lot of money, notepad++ is good. why would he use sublime then?

  12. Hybrid Avatar

    Keep up the good work! I imagine these tutorials will help me massive amount!  

  13. Death Cry Avatar

    Bucki tutorials: sucks or not

  14. Neo Ex Avatar

    How do u add a moving background to a webpage and have it repeat?

  15. gaurav soni Avatar

    Please do BackboneJS and RequireJS tutorials plzzzzz

  16. mukul soni Avatar

    when will u going to upload tutorial  5 ???

  17. Law Viktor Avatar

    publish on yesterday~!

  18. King of Dongles Avatar

    I'm just here to say that I saw these 4 videos in my sub box and love the titles

  19. Eric arora Avatar

    are u serious notepad++ ?  plz use sublime text

  20. dejoere Avatar

    really nice, just in time (building my first site !)

  21. Todd D. Webb Avatar

    This is decent for a beginner's tutorial on responsive pages, but while this video teaches how to make responsive button bar, it's not very scalable. If the user adds more buttons later on then additional calculations and css changes are required every time a change in the number of buttons is made.

    One solution is to make the container element with a display of 'table', a 'table-layout' of 'fixed', and set the display of the buttons to 'table-cell'.

    This way you can add and subtract the number of buttons at will without having to calculate and change the css every time a change in the number of buttons is made.

    Hope this helps someone. Thanks.

  22. Kayain123 Avatar

    hey i would be interested in a responsive web design tutorial on bootstrap grid
    🙂 as always, good show bucky!

  23. Toon M Avatar

    Why not to use flex box nowadays? The latest browsers support it:

    And it's much better ;-))

  24. Jessy Pelletier-Lemire Avatar

    Have you taken a look at web components and Polymer, yet? A nice thing is that, once you import "polymer.html", you can just use attributes to configure your page's flex layout 🙂

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