Retro Style Geometric Lines Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial

Follow this Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop tutorial to learn how to create a series of retro style geometric lines that loop and weave to form an interesting composition.

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36 responses to “Retro Style Geometric Lines Illustrator & Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Andrea Banuelos Avatar

    I tried this following step by step but my brush keeps making horizontal lines, anybody knows a possible solution??

  2. Gina Ortiz Avatar

    Hi, I can't get to do the circle, it looks like a half circle. Im drawing a circle no fill and applying the brush and it doesn't cover the whole circle

  3. Magic11 Avatar

    Thanks for the free textures and helpful tutorials!

  4. John Ohrenberger Avatar

    How are you so design smart???

  5. Breno Pereira Avatar

    I was having the same problems as many other users so I decided to copy exactly as show in the video.

    You'll need 16 black rectangles and 15 white rectangles with the dimensions of W: 17.778 px and H: 873.333 px. The circle will have the dimensions of W/H: 636.064 px. Also, expanding the rectangle shapes is not required.

  6. Alfonso Simonpietri Avatar

    Man, this is awesome!!!

  7. Merlito Pabatao Avatar

    Amazing! I love your voice too!

  8. Praw Jann Avatar

    2:222:35 iam confused make it, i cannot

  9. August Celine III Avatar

    At first I found it difficult to learn from your videos, because it can sometimes be really hard to follow along with how fast you're going. However, by pausing every once in a while to catch up, I'm able to learn so much from you. This tutorial is OP! If y'all want a real challenge, change the speed of the video to 1.25 or higher…

  10. Majestic Buffaloman Avatar

    In the beginning you said, "click on window then hide art boards." but it is under view.

  11. Luan Zejnullahu Avatar

    I can't make the second circle it don't cut like is in video 🙁
    Can you help me ?!
    Thnx a lot

  12. nuSUNtara Avatar

    this is good tutorial simple and clear

  13. Vain & Glory Avatar

    the tutorial was too fast paced for a noob like me in future videos pleae slow down the pace thank awesome work tho

  14. Sabrina Dave Avatar

    thanks for sharing! great!

  15. Ali Zahoor Avatar

    hi why not create a single long path with multipe curves and round corner and apply the brush.?

  16. Dominic Robson Avatar

    Excellent, thank you.

  17. Tanya Felsheim Avatar

    When I delete and anchor point instead of a half circle I get a flat tire (rounded top) shape

  18. Pris M Avatar

    thank you thank you thank you

  19. Tanya Richards Avatar

    After dragging the circle tool and pressing the brush preference to create those lined circles, i just keep getting blacked out ones with two thin lines around the outside. Everything is checked as white with no stroke, my artboard looks like yours but its not working. Whats wrong?

  20. Alejandro Prina Avatar

    Thank´s for everything Chris, great tutorial!

  21. Luke Wiggs Avatar

    Great Video, Learnt so much just from this! 😉

  22. LM Lee Avatar

    wow, that is COOL.

  23. jeanma28 Avatar

    I follow all the instructions here, but when I overlap the lines they show through each other… It doesn't look like on the video, that "over / under" sensation… it looks like a hatch for me… 🙁 What's happening? 

  24. redmannSk Avatar

    Great tutorial, thanks!

  25. Dimitris Klonos Avatar

    Neat tutorial! loved this brush!

  26. desi9ns1 Avatar

    Great tutorial, very simple and easy to follow. Thanks Chris!

  27. Nam Truong Avatar

    Great tutorial, thank you for sharing!

  28. 맥크리 Avatar

    thank you!! God Bless you

  29. Fancylooks Avatar

    This reminds me of Franco Grignani, amazing way of using all the resources from Illustrator an photoshop, very good!

  30. Marcos Cortes Avatar

    Good as always !!! I've been following your blog since the beginning !!! Best regards from Dominican Republic !!?

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