Retro Triangle Pattern Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In today’s Adobe Illustrator video tutorial we’re going to use Illustrator’s powerful vector tools to make a retro style triangle pattern, which seamlessly repeats a series of randomly coloured shapes to cover an infinite area. Being vector artwork means the result is crisp and sharp, and can even be resized and re-coloured to suit different applications, all without affecting the overall quality as it would a pixel based pattern.

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48 responses to “Retro Triangle Pattern Adobe Illustrator Tutorial”

  1. Anna Georges Avatar

    I tried to do the same parttern alone on my own and it drove me crazy. Thanks for a great tutorial !

  2. Alessandro Spiridigliozzi Avatar

    my crop tool doesn't work and I can't understand why…

  3. Oscar Orozco Milian Avatar

    You are awesome, even though I know nothing about Illustrator I understood; thanks!!

  4. Olena Baluta Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial. Exactly that I was looking for.

  5. Jay Kim Avatar

    02:04 how to do that?! Without saving screen shot only using clear board I think

  6. Maina Gakere Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial. It was a big help.

  7. Luke Saliba Avatar

    I followed this method and the triangles do not fit in each other seamlessly. If you zoom in the tips always pop out a little even though i make sure to use shift when making the shape. I check the lines using CTRL Y and they dont intersect at every edge.
    I also tried making triangles using a hexagon and drawing a horizontal line, copying it and rotating it by 60 degrees to make the triangles and i still get the same problem.
    Any advice please?

  8. Jorge Ed PerezGa Avatar

    Can't with how fast you speak.

  9. Cristóbal Alarcón Avatar

    How do you do to take screenshots with your mouse??

  10. Wendy Ratcliffe Avatar

    You made that seem so easy, I can't wait to try it

  11. Fartality Gaming Avatar

    Hello there mate, I have a wierd kind of issue with crop tool, after I crop the pattern to match the rectangle size it leaves this wierd kind of bar at the bottom like on this picture which kinda ruins the entire vertical of the patern, do you maybe know how to remove that bar?
    Btw thanks for the video guide, it's amazing 🙂

  12. Jaden Styma Avatar

    Chris your videos are great, and your art is awesome. Thank you so much for making these

  13. Brown Human Avatar

    Why not just use the paint bucket tool instead ?

  14. Frevell Avatar

    i accidantly did the whole thing as points and not pixels, is there any way to make it pixels now?

  15. Ravi Van Os Avatar

    I can't place it in swatches it says ''no swatches available in adobe colour account''

  16. Batur Raza Muhammad Avatar

    Plz more of setting repeat of a pattern

  17. Alison Gunter Avatar

    Mine won't crop!!!!!

  18. Georgios Konstantinidis Avatar

    In case u didn't know, you should know that Chris knows. -.- who knows if it's a nose.

  19. Sakina Kavi Avatar

    amazing! love your tutorials. thank you!!

  20. Niceman Avatar

    The triangles' sides don't snap to each other, yet I have smart guides on. What is happening?

  21. Matthew Avatar

    Thanks for your tutorials.

    Tip: Color the triangles with File > Scripts > Random Swatch Fill and then clean up by hand.

  22. Sky Blue Avatar

    I failed from 2:37
    I can't select each triangles
    but just path.

  23. Santosh Sharma Avatar

    thanks lot this is useful as i use lots of petterns

  24. Helen Fitzgerald Avatar

    That was the best pattern tutorial I've seen…THANKS

  25. Leonewolf123 Avatar


  26. swetha kalluri Avatar

    wonderful..please uploading more helpful.thank you

  27. NTDesign Avatar

    Could you tell me where to find the crop tool, I cant seem to find it.

  28. Melissa peterson Avatar

    Thank you for sharing

  29. M M Avatar

    nice work, keep the hustle

  30. Fernando Paiva Avatar

    Man, your channel is awesome! Straight to the point and very powerful tutorials. Congrats!

  31. Vivienne Adder Avatar

    Thanks you really helped me out with a project I had to do, thanks again!

  32. Héctor Vásquez Avatar

    Love your videos. Thanks & keep up the good work!

  33. 73Pariah Avatar

    You should do one of these tutorials every day, so I can listen to you talk more. I could listen to you read the dictionary all day long.

  34. Junx Sta Avatar

    Thank u real big help

  35. Nhật Anh Đào Avatar

    Man, you are such a talented designer, love this channel so much, learn a lot from it ❤️

  36. Elle Jay Gee Avatar

    Hey Chris! In case you didn't know, you can use the eyedropper tool on colors in a window outside illustrator so you don't have to take a screenshot! Never stop making videos <3

  37. Alexey Slastenin Avatar

    It was very cool! please tell us by means of which you take a screenshot?

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