Robotics and Electronics Tutorial – 2 – More on Multimeters

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25 responses to “Robotics and Electronics Tutorial – 2 – More on Multimeters”

  1. Buster Franken Avatar

    And that's how the name AC/DC was come up with

  2. Mark II Avatar

    I can't find the " symbol for inches, I need to measure my TV and a couple other things. I don't see the nm symbol for nanometers, how is your gonna measure the length of your dick? I don't get it… 🙁

  3. anderwan Avatar

    This is like the installing and configuring your IDE and emulator part of the programming tutorials. Unusual for an electricity and circuits tutorial, but I think it really helps look at what you're going to explore through a confined scope. Looking at the great beyond of the entirety of E-M science, as other teaching approaches might make you feel like you're doing, can be intimidating.

  4. Rod Avatar

    why are these tutorials so short

  5. learn123abc Avatar

    this and djish (lol)

  6. JakeOfAllTrades17 Avatar

    this is great! And I looked it up, and AC/DC named their band after seeing AC/DC on a sewing machine that meant alternating current / direct current. They said it symbolized the raw energy of their band. Cool 😀

  7. Pagweb Avatar

    I really like you put the link to the next video on the first line of the description. I hate when I hate to search for other parts of a tutorials. Thanks.

  8. Sakaros Zulu Avatar

    Ω=omega…. the last letter of the Greek alphabet

  9. Wild Planet Avatar

    I have an electronics lab exam i wanna know how to simply connect a circuit on test board

  10. FoFisSuccessful Avatar

    lol'd @ horseshoe^^

  11. Petit Lweno Avatar

    lol i like how he said ACDC then realise that is actually a band

  12. Sanju Sunny Avatar

    visitors?! 😀

  13. Rommel Sharma Avatar

    Thanks – very useful.

  14. Groosome128 Avatar

    akka dakka maaate, got my tickets for 2010, seeing them for the 3rd time hehe, 1st was 1991

  15. john michael Avatar

    good stuff thanks

  16. ramanglass544 Avatar

    its saying my comment is too short ?
    oh well
    Learned sumthin new 2day

  17. ramanglass544 Avatar

    oh ya well…
    i bet you dont know that …
    I hate you!
    *stomps off in rage

  18. ramanglass544 Avatar

    the horseshoe thing is ohms
    i feel smart 🙂

  19. Zuntyh Avatar

    Heh heh, best here in the UK, and thus world wide…maybe ^^.

  20. Gunskimod Avatar

    Yeah, pens are pretty awesome.

  21. thenewboston Avatar

    best pens on this side of the mississippi

  22. Zuntyh Avatar

    I have a half working robot on the wardrobe, might be able to fix it up in summer so willl continue to watch these ^^.

    Oh and… you are using the same type of pen I buy every year for exams and use through school everyday. Damn good they are.

  23. Danny Betts Avatar

    Cool Video A+++++++++++++++++++++++++

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