Ruby Programming Tutorial – 32 – Methods for Hashes

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32 responses to “Ruby Programming Tutorial – 32 – Methods for Hashes”

  1. QordaZ Avatar

    Very clean, neat and informing videos, I love your teaching. I also wish for more! 😀

  2. DNAngel Avatar

    Thanks a bunch for these Ruby tutorial videos Bucky! They've been really informative and helpful! And by the way, what ever happened to the next Ruby video that you were planning? 😉

  3. Proud to Be a programmer Avatar

    What happened to this series

  4. shashuri Magrease Avatar

    Hey bucky, when's the next set of tutorials coming up man, can't wait to continue this

  5. 黄杰 Avatar

    Thank you Bucky! I just finished learning Ruby on rails 5, but it all started from the new boston!

  6. Secret Wealth Project Avatar

    Bucky moooooore, these tutorials were great!!!

  7. Chung Ray Avatar

    I'm gonna see you in next video…..
    though no next video. thanks for the 32 video, it helps me to warm up for my new proj, the 32 vids are quick and easy to understand, ..

  8. ジョネーJonét Avatar

    Finished watching all of these videos in one night lol. It's 2:23 am. :p

  9. ITPCD Avatar

    More ruby vids? please don't leave us hanging Bucky! patiently waiting for next vid…

  10. Renee Matthews Avatar

    Bucky! I am SO grateful for your videos. Im in a Ruby class right now and your videos have really helped to clear some of the cloudiness over a few of these concepts. Thanks a mil, and anxiously awaiting the next videos!

  11. ZehRhayader -_- Avatar

    Just finished watching all of these and hands down the best tutorials for ruby I've seen so far.
    Moar pls? Q_Q

  12. Meredith Spivey Avatar

    Please continue this video series. I'd be happy to pay. You do such a great job of teaching. Thanks for being so in depth.

  13. Skylar LyX Avatar

    Thank you very much!

  14. Aravind Kumar Avatar

    Thank You for all your Ruby videos!!!!!

  15. Megan Anderson Avatar

    Are there anymore?

  16. wonay92 Avatar

    we want ruby on rails now ! 🙂

  17. Riten Wappel Avatar

    I hope you will complete the series soon

  18. Zeta Avatar

    Make the next one pls !!!!!!!

  19. yosef sanad Avatar

    complete the seires man !! and you're  awesome as hell 

  20. Dan Frenette Avatar

    More Ruby please!

  21. butterfly22110055 Avatar

    We want more of ruby… pls…

  22. SocialistIntrovert Avatar

    Onward to RPG Maker!

  23. Reddish Miles Avatar

    more of this please….

  24. Ahmad A. Avatar

    how do you get the input of the user or how do you prompt the user?

  25. wahhmann123 Avatar

    what happend man i want to learn more of this

  26. Raj Avatar

    to save it to actual file, enter the commands exactly as you wrote in "Interactive Ruby" into notepad. Then save the file as .rb. For example, "filename.rb". To run it, use "cd" command in command prompt to go into where you saved it and type "ruby filename.rb" without quotes. Enjoy! 🙂

  27. Elian Kamal Avatar


  28. Sunil Sylvester Avatar

    Why was this Tutorials stopped, pls start them back

  29. cris21mil Avatar

    irb(main):001:0> def bucky
    irb(main):002:1> puts 'Please, we need more! feed us!'
    irb(main):003:1> end
    => nil
    irb(main):004:0> bucky
    Please, we need more! feed us!
    => nil

  30. intermarer Avatar

    Please resurrect this series!

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